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    Sometimes if you are lucky you get to see something really pretty. Caught this one morning on this years elk hunt. Got up to polish the seats again and managed to get this. Then as I was watching an area I managed to get some of these in the evening. Always pays to have a camera with you.
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    Trail cam

    put out a trail cam in an area we hunt, well my son hunts as I get to polish the seat in my truck now. first time he has hung a camera and I was not Mr. Swifty when I gave it to him to hang. Any way we got this one nice night raider. For me the hunts are now just to go along but I still like to...
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    Diamond, first fish

    Went to Diamond today, took a fellow VietNam vet and her daughter. Dakota had never been fishing before and we kept 10 out of the 11 boated, all rainbows. Didn't hit the water till almost 9:30 and was off by 1 in the afternoon. Little gal did all the hard work of reeling them in, not to bad on...
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    I finally got the surgery on my lower back. I had one almost a year and a half ago and that took care of most of it but not all. So on the 15 theygot the rest of it. Legs are working like they should and I should not be falling any more. However the best part, well for me, is I won't be having...
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    Coquille River

    Anything going on the Coquille River??
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    Take a knee

    I am a Vet and I come from a family of Vets and one of my Grandson is serving now. I have been to the Arizona Memorial, with my father when he found the name of a ship mate. I have been to the replica of the Viet Nam Memorial and found the name of my high school friend. I post this here not to...
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    What did this?

    This is on the back of my full size bronco. I haven't the faintest idea what made it, I will admit my wife takes it out just about every day to give our furry kid a ride and get her diet coke. I have measured my hand which takes an xl glove at 4 inches across the palm. This print measures 6...
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    Diamond 7-4-18

    Fished Diamond with the wife,son n his gal. Fishing was a little slow but we got some nice ones. Lake is starting to algae up and water temp at both ends was 64 ish. We got three under 12 the rest over with the biggest at 18 and a couple in the 14 -15 range. We ended up getting some at the north...
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    Diamond Lake

    I think Diamond is coming back, not mine but we got some close.
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    Door panels

    Been doing some acupuncture to get ride of some nephropathy pain caused by sugar diabetes as well as some other stuff. Went in today and found this on the back of the door. Funny how things can be done. How much fun would it be to run into a big ol hairy creature with a face like that.I did a...
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    From the movies

    I asked where the space ship was, and I was told it was on top.
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    Old times

    I received this today and it brought back some memories for me, but then I got to see Johnny Cash live when I was little. I hope this is as enjoyable for you as it was for me.
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    White on top n white on the bottom.

    Got to go to the Charlie Daniels Band concert at 7 Feathers last night with my best gal. 49 years 349 days n still in love as much as the first day. On Mothers Day we will also celebrate our 50th and our great grand daughters first birthday. However we will be in the Black Hills for our part...
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    Nest site

    i have a couple of acres and behind my place there are a bunch of ranches and a lot of timber. A few days ago my dog started acting really weird and paranoid, and one night he got up on the bed which he normally does not do. So I put out my trail cam cause I figured the local big cats may be...
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    New style

    I have decided to head for the coast in Feb n March n try my luck for some salmon. Gonna give a new try to an old system that has produced fish before, just not springers. However we were after a different species a couple of years ago and tied into something we never saw. We are pretty sure it...
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    I caught this reflection tonight while watching tv.
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    Make sure you check your boat really good b4 launching
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    My winter gift to you

    I have to admit this was not the Navy I knew, but these guys are really good. I hope you enjoy them.
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    Bustin my hump

    I had back surgery in Sept and have not been cleared to do any work by my doctor, however I had three nice firs that died from the drought and had them topped and wanted them down. So today 2 of my neighbors came over to give me a hand. They (the trees) were close to the house so we used my...
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    Question about trout fishing

    first off all let me say I have no intention of offending any body, second I fall into this same category. Several years ago I was asked "why is it that something with a brain as large as ours has such a difficult time catching something with a brain the size of BB. I have pondered that for a...
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