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  1. my2labs

    Cousins rods

    Looking to acquire a couple Cousins rods for steel heading. Hoping to find a couple in early March and so I am posting this now to plant the seed in anyones mind who is considering getting rid of a couple. Im looking for 6-10 or 6-12 around 9' (Im pliable on the length a little, but don't...
  2. my2labs

    Nestucca level

    Wondering if there is any problem running the Nestucca at the current river levels? I have a buddy (maybe two) headed up who want to float and my only time on the Nestucca was with our resident guide Tanner (on the drop). And the river was over a foot higher than it is now. I realize that...
  3. my2labs

    Fishing and litter

    All the litter that clutters our fishing spots really gets to me. Thought I’d share a small thing I do every time I go fishing. It’s a rule I set for myself when I was a teenager and one I still continue today. The Rule: Everytime I go out casting, I pick up at least 2 pieces of trash I...
  4. my2labs

    Kauai post

    Night surf fishing last night! Family caught a ton of these guys last night. The weeks of research paid OFF the first night. Hope it only improves from here in out. We released about 20 of these two types of fish last night. The guy holding the fish is my nephew. Main goal was to get him a...
  5. my2labs

    Increasing truck security -DIY

    Wanted to share a build I put together yesterday in a couple hours. I know stuff like this is all over online, but most seem to be complicated. I just used wood I had lying around in the garage and will now be able to fish much more peacefully with having to worry about any gear I may have...
  6. my2labs


    This guy is going to be my first in the smoker. He really darkened over time while I fished for the next few hours. I know he’s not super bright at all but the change was pretty drastic today. If he was as dark as he was when I got home, I wouldn’t have kept him. Caught a lil wild native jack...
  7. my2labs

    List of shuttles?

    Hi everyone. I am planning on expanding the rivers I fish on a regular basis since I have a newish pontoon and have been trying to find a comprehensive list of shuttles for rivers in Oregon. However, I haven’t been able to locate one online. As such, I figured I’d see if we could compile one...
  8. my2labs

    Some pictures from the summer

    Messed around trout fishing this summer in some local reservoirs waiting for fall to get here. I haven’t eaten trout in years, but after this summer, I think they will become Somewhat common table fair again. One trout each for my wife and I is a pretty decent meat portion of dinner.
  9. my2labs

    Good day on the pontoon

    Best day I’ve had in awhile.
  10. my2labs

    How many fish is everyone catching?

    I started a similar thread in 2015 and it went well so Im attempting to revive it. _ **Poll: How many steelhead have you caught this winter (**December 2018 forward) compared to days fished for them? _ The only rule is, if you're going to lie, don't participate. __ l'll start: 0-5 so far...
  11. my2labs

    New shuttle on the Sandy....

    Got a piece of paper on my windshield last weekend with a number for a new Sandy River Shuttle. Since Grant stopped doing this, has anyone used the new shuttle service? Or does anyone know the people who took it over? I’d love to start using it again but would like to know that others are...
  12. my2labs

    Looking for some guidance - beginning of year 3 with a drift boat, low success so far. Getting a bit frustrated.

    Happy new year. I am entering year 3 owning a drift boat, I feel comfortable on the sticks...(but Im still very cautious) and I likely floated an average of 10 times each of the last 2 years. I have 8 rods; all set up in pairs for specific purposes. (I usually float with 6 (3/3) set with gear...
  13. my2labs

    Little help with plugging

    Hi there. I recently gave pulling plugs a go in my DB and ran into more trouble than good. Either the plugs were running very high in the water or they kept becoming slack lines. At one point they’d work okay but I was only able to maintain the action while holding my boat in place. If...
  14. my2labs

    This should produce some interesting talking points....

    Just put the drift boat in the garage after floating today and saw this article online.
  15. my2labs

    Sixes River steelhead

    Hello all. I am taking a trip to the Sixes river in southern Oregon soon and was wondering if anyone can speak to it? Its gonna be myself and three friends Ive had since I was a kid. Two of us have drift boats and we are having a competition for bragging rights. One I would really, REALLY...
  16. my2labs

    What do suckerfish indicate?

    Today I got into a school of suckerfish on the sandy and was wondering if their presence suggests that steelhead will be present as well? Additionally, is the fact they are taking your presentation a signal that steelhead will as well? Thanks.
  17. my2labs

    Floating the lower Sandy today

    I'm assuming that there are no new obstacles like sweepers etc to report but if I see any, I'll report them when I return. A little early but hopefully she'll (my wife) get into one or two. Anyone been out there yet this season?
  18. my2labs

    Looking for my wife's grandfather's boat (fourth and one) please read

    Hi everyone. I know this boat is somewhere around Grants Pass and I am looking for the current owner of it. I am interested in seeing if they'd be willing to sell it to me as it was my wife's grandfathers and is very special to her and her mother. Regrettably, it was sold after he came down...
  19. my2labs

    Test post

    Ive had 2 signatures appearing on my posts and Ive been struggling to remove one of them. I think I just figured it out and I figured that this would be the best place to do so….
  20. my2labs

    New drift boat!!!

    So.... I finally picked up my first drift boat. It's a woody that floats but could use a little work. My plan is to get it in the water by the fall if not earlier. I'll need to re-seal the bottom and coat with something slippery. I'm going to customize the seats and make fish box. Then I...
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