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    Today at the lake

    Granddaughter caught her first fishes today at Saunders lake my pole on power eggs green and red trout goop in the am
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    Stupid people suck ..Why...

    These Pics And We have a video clip of this act of dumping of a boat. No trailer just "docked" as you can see..This was last week. Its On the original Seven Devils Road ( the dirt road , the original historic coos county road..Not sure who to call but I hope a sheriff has gone by and someone has...
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    Second boat ramp from Ben and Kay Dorris

    We decide to go up the the Mackenzie today to the boat ramp.. Used my Barbie pole for awhile that wasn't working.. so went to SsS Spare pole With a earthworm and BANG got a 8 inch quite by surprised .. reloaded the worm and got a 13 inch BOOM!! see pics below.. my SSSalmon got none..:( I have...
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    Algae warnings issued on Lane County reservoirs

    Health authorities today issued toxic algae advisories for Dexter and Dorena reservoirs. The state Department of Human Services said water tests showed high levels of potentially harmful blue-green algae at Dexter reservoir, 22 miles southeast of Eugene, and Dorena reservoir, six miles east of...
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    I broke my reel..

    Its a Eagle Claw ... I changed it from a left hand to a right hand and must not of had the threads right on the handle part .. stripped.. and the tip of the thingie that goes thur the reel to the handle is broke off ..(keeps the whole thing together) hence the handle doesn't stay on now.. didn't...
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