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  1. jamisonace

    Steelhead 2021 Show OFF

    My foster son is a fishing addict and has been begging me to get him his first steelhead of the year. Took him out today in near perfect conditions and after a comedy of errors we finally got him a picture with a fish. First fish was a beast that he fought like a champ but after a couple...
  2. jamisonace

    Rivers Elk River Fishing Reports

    Found Elk river in perfect shape while working yesterday. Decided before I left the house that I wouldn't bring my gear cuz everything would be blown out. I cried when I saw this.
  3. jamisonace

    Chinook season ends on a high note

    Still a few chrome fish hanging out in our Southern Oregon streams. With this last rain a fresh push of fish moved in and a few were even willing to bite. We started our day dropping over the falls on the Elk River just before daylight. I wish I had gotten a video of the ride down because it...
  4. jamisonace

    Southern Oregon success

    I spent a week on my favorite rivers in Southern Oregon this year. Like so many coastal streams in Oregon the rivers are so dependent on just the right amount of water. I hit the rivers just after the first significant rain and was hoping for rain during the week to keep them up but it didn't...
  5. jamisonace

    WTB broken wood drift boat

    Just throwing this out there. Looking for cheap wood drift boat to make into garden art. I made a canoe into a sand boat for my kids about 15 years ago. Turned out great. Now I want to make a planter out of a drift boat. Let me know if you have something.
  6. jamisonace

    Reg question

    Question regarding harvest of jack salmon. I’ve never bothered keeping jacks because they’re small and tend to not cut well. However, I recently caught a decent sized jack coho that was clipped so I took it home and it cut very nicely. Since last Friday I’ve caught 15 jacks, all released and...
  7. jamisonace

    Fish Tape

    I made this sticker to easily measure lingcod on the floor of my boat. Word got out and I have a few stores selling them. I've put almost no effort into selling them. You can get them at Bandon Bait, Bite's On in North Bend, Y Marina in Coos Bay and all the Englund stores. (I just got the...
  8. jamisonace

    Launch etiquette rant

    @Aervax made me think of an experience on Saturday. The cluelessness of people boggles the mind sometimes. When we finished our Umpqua float on Saturday there were two rafts launching and had both rafts and all their gear spread out all over the ramp. One drift boat was already waiting and so...
  9. jamisonace

    Help with rod selection

    I'm not a bass guy but I'm floating the Umpqua tomorrow with my 11 yr old daughter and her friend. I have a dozen rods that dont work very well for bass and zero that do. I'd like to get a few rods specifically for small mouth bass. What should I be looking for in a spinning rod? I'll use...
  10. jamisonace

    Any outboard gurus out there?

    This has to be a simple fix.....please make it a simple fix, I'm tired of taking motors to the shop. Early 2000's Yamaha 9.9 4 stroke Had it running perfectly down in the valley. Purred at low RPMs and ran all day long on a slow troll. No issues. Then I took it to Odell and of course it ran...
  11. jamisonace

    Salmon 2020 show OFF

    Last night I bonked a small steelhead that was clipped. The gametes were tiny so I figure it was an early summer. That and when I cut it, it was bright orange. No pics as it was small and ugly. Not picture worthy. Then I found this fat girl. Another wild fish so she went back but man she...
  12. jamisonace

    Any truffle hunters out there?

    I would like to find some Oregon truffles this year. If anyone has some knowledge on the subject and would be willing to take me, I would happily reciprocate with some sort of fishing adventure ranging from drift boat on a southern Oregon river to crab/lingcod on the ocean.
  13. jamisonace

    Trout 2020 Show OFF

    Quick afternoon on the river Friday. Trout fishing this time of year can be excellent....and lonely....which is a good thing. Only boat on the river. High water so fish were stacked like firewood in soft water. Very soft takes so we missed more bites than we hooked and lost as many as we landed.
  14. jamisonace

    Winter Steelhead Show OFF 2020

    Happy New Years OFF folks! Let's see those pics of winter steelhead! Good start to my year. Will be hard to top but I'm sure it will happen. Was fishing alone in the sled and couldn't get it in my small shallow steelhead net without it flopping out so I ran to the bank and brought it to my feet.
  15. jamisonace

    Kid's 1st buck

    We don't hunt really hard in my family but I love venison so I always get someone in my family a tag. The last few years it's been my oldest son to have the tag in hopes of getting him a buck. This one happened through the backyard at the right time and my boy placed a perfect shot through the...
  16. jamisonace

    If you could fish anywhere....

    We are planning a get away at the end of December. So....if you could fish anywhere in Oregon that time of year, where would you go. Any species, boat or bank, I'm looking for all suggestions. Thanks!
  17. jamisonace

    Etiquette question: How much do you pitch in when a friend takes you fishing?

    I've always enjoyed taking people fishing and I rarely ask for help with cost but I always accept what is offered. I'm always surprised when nothing is offered considering the time and expense that goes into a fishing trip. This year has been interesting with a few trips that cost me a...
  18. jamisonace

    This is fun/surprising to see.

    A little bit of a late boost to our down numbers. Hopefully this extends our season by a few weeks.
  19. jamisonace

    Wild or re-grow

    You can't tell by the pic but it sure looked like the flat part on the top was a healed clip on a re-grown fin. What do you think? Also, kill it and grill it or let it go?
  20. jamisonace

    2 rod license question

    We are taking a bunch of kids camping/fishing this weekend. I picked up a 2 rod license just for fun this year but I cannot find a list of lakes that allow 2 rods? A little help? Thanks!
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