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    Steelhead 2021 Show OFF

    Caught my first steelhead Ever today, NW Oregon coastal river. 1/8oz white jig head with a pink body/black tail worm. I've been hitting the banks of the river at least one day nearly every weekend since the start of January, was just about to hang it up for the season. I didn't even think I had...
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    Good place to start out?

    I live in Beaverton, probably not too far from you. I'd recommend Hagg Lake, stick to the creek arms this time of year, or near the boar launches. I'd also recommend Lake Harriet or Timothy Lake out near Mt. Hood, but they're both a pain to get to right now due to road closures leftover from...
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    New to Oregon

    No problem man, glad to help! I haven't been here long enough to learn any 'secret spots' of my own yet, so i'm happy to share anything i've learned! Lake Harriet still might be a decent bet if you can be there before 10am or after maybe 6-7pm once the sun's off the water. it's at a decent...
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    New to Oregon

    hey Pho, i just moved here last year, been slowly figuring out my favorite places the last 6 months or so, figured i'd throw what i've learned so far. one of my favorite trout lakes is Lake Harriet. it's a bit of a drive from Beaverton, about 1.5hr, but it has decent bank access along a...
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