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    Detroit area help

    Howdy all, Been super busy lately and have not been on here in awhile...Jeez do I miss it. The Fam and I are taking a weekend trip to central Oregon. Not a huge fishing weekend but I will be able to fish on my way over. Was thinking somewhere on the N Santiam but also considered maybe the...
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    Maupin middle next week

    Finally! I get to go fish the storied Dechutes. Ill be able to fish the Maupin area next Wednesday and Thursday. We will be driving up from The Dalles. I am thinking we will stay the night Wednesday. So I'll have Wednesday night and Thursday morning to fish! I don't know a whole lot about this...
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    If you could...

    I'm trying to plan a trip for me and a friend. We want this to be a once in a lifetime trout trip. So if you could go with anybody(guide) or go anywhere in the state where would you go? I was thinking maybe getting a guide on the Mckenzie, or maybe the Deschutes. So I ask, what would you do? My...
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    Silverton Reservoir 3-5-11

    Fished Silverton Reservoir today for a couple of hours. I had my float tube with me. I went pretty much straight out from the dock until I was about in the middle of the lake. I started with worms just above the bottom. Then I put on a ford fender with a trailing worm. And then i just trolled...
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    All this talk about spring...

    All this talk about spring is making me soooo eager for that late May opening for trout on a lot of rivers. I'm so excited. I keep hearing people say that winter is over, but then have to remind myself I have another two and a half months until trout season really begins to take off. So who else...
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    Troutskies this weekend

    Been waiting to get out for trout for a very long time. I know this cold isn't ideal. But I havce both days open to fish. And ideas? I'm in the Mid Willamette Valley. Was thinking maybe just hitting Walter Wirth or E.E. Wilson in my float tube. Thanks.
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    Little Nestucca

    Gonna hit the Little Nestucca tomorrow. Gonna be swinging flies. Was thinking I'd hit it around Blaine or Beaver. Not sure yet. Then gonna hit three rivers on the way home. Here we go. Will report back
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    What to buy? Help

    Okay, so for Christmas I received gift cards to cabelas. I'm running low on basic needs such as peacock hurl, brown hackle, and hooks. So I bought the necessity's first. Now I still have around 20 dollars left and can't decide what to buy. I was thinking about wooly bugger stuff but couldnt...
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    I-5 bridge

    Never fished it before. Drivin by the area in a couple of hours, any fish I can get? Let me know quick! Thanks! -Rainbow
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    Help on the Mack! Please!

    Okay, I've decided on my outing tomorrow...The McKenzie! Okay so heres my deli-ma...where to fish it? I know its closed above the dam so where.. I was told I could get into some fish at Armitage park. But one of the guys Im going with doesn't have waders.. I will be fly fishing and they will be...
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    Where to go, where to go?

    Okay by the title of the thread I'm sure you can understand my dilema. I want to go fishing this weekend with a couple buddies, I fly fish and they spin fish but I can do either. I was thinking either hitting up the N Santiam or the Mckenzie for trout. Or even hittin the upper alsea for some...
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    Fly reel question

    So today I bought a 3wt Fly rod, finally. I thought I picked out a 40 dollar real but through all the excitement, I picked up the 99$ one. So my question is, should I return the expensive fly reel and get the cheaper one? I plan to get another spool to put floating line on it so that will set me...
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    Chinook time

    Hey all.. I'm gonna be fishing the Alsea for some nooks next Monday and Tuesday. With this rain do you think it'll push enough of them up? I was thinkin I shoudl troll Blue fox's and maybe some plunking, Let me know what you all think! Thanks Rainbowfisherman
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    Monteith Park in Albany

    I will be fishing monteith tomorrow on the willy. Will be banking it. What kind of fish are there? I can fly fish or spin fish. Any ideas? Thanks
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    Trout up around Mill city?

    Anyone been fishin for trout on the North Santiam? Might head up there soon and was wondering if anyone is catching trout. Thanks Thanks -Rainbowfisherman
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    I need some info please

    Alright im thinking of hitting the upper siletz for some trout this weekend. I dont know very much about the river at all, actually i know nothing. I can't find any information on the web. I will most likely be fly fishing but maybe not. I'm not sure where to go or what to use. I've looked...
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    Lincoln City this weekend

    Hi All, I will be in the Lincoln city area this weekend and would love some info and some places to fish. I was hoping to find some trout. I was wondering if anyone catches trout on the Little Nestucca or Siletz? If it's even open. I wouldnt want to drive more then 45 minutes. -Thanks...
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    Alsea River levels

    Havent fished the Alsea sence December and might give it a go this weekend. I was wondering if the rvier is blown out or not? Im guessing it is but wasn't sure. Any word would be appreciated. -Thanks Rainbowfisherman
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    Where to go for the trout

    So i read that the Mak was stocked with around 9,500 fish. 8,250 were below leaburg and the remaining 1,250 fish above it. So where do i fish. VERY new to this area and might try to head there. Any tips would be appreciated will report back if i go. -Thanks Rainbowfisherman
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    Great opportunity

    I was invited to a fishing trip later this week. Not quite sure what day yet but towards the middle or the end of the week. The guy whos taking us has many boats so we could go to a river or lake. We will be most likely fly fishing. Where would be the BEST spot to get into some trout? I really...
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