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    Baitcaster-braid or mono?

    I would say before you take it out on the water practice. Baitcaster reels are a different animal and nothing can ruin a nice day on the water more than fighting with backlashes for hours. If you do decide to learn on the water then bring a separate rod and reel as well... Just my $.02
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    Father's Day on the Upper Willy

    Where were you fishing out of? Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    My 1st post: I fished lake Lake Oswego this last weekend (photos)

    I have been really wanting to launch my kayak into Lake Oswego at some point, if for no other reason than to get all the "Lake Police" upset. Ever since I read the article about the person kayaking it it....
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    Mt. Hood Lakes over Memorial weekend

    Not to mention times of year and weather can hugely affect it, what works in late spring can be completely different than what works in July or August, especailly in smaller lakes.
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    Mt. Hood Lakes over Memorial weekend

    You didn't mention Clear lake, have you been there recently? I am headed there in a few weeks and have been looking for reports and they're few and far between.
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    Columbia River sturgeon below Bonneville

    No pics of the big gal as I knew she was over the limit for being out of the water and I didn't have the camera handy. This one was 50 on the nose. Will try to dig up some others. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    Columbia River sturgeon below Bonneville

    We ended up fishing the willamette near St. Johns Friday "Toyota Hole" some people call it. We caught and released probably 20 before we ran out of bait. Herring was working extremely well for us. The largest of the day was close to 60" with many in the 36-50" range.
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    Early season camping at Crane Prairie

    Be sure to report back when you're home!
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    Columbia River sturgeon below Bonneville

    Hey All, A group of buddies decided to rent a house in Washougal Washington for a bachelor party and while I was not a part of the decision making process in the house selected, I have been tasked with figuring out the fishing trip. In order to best have a shot at getting everyone on some fish I...
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    Killer deal on OldTown XL kayak with 45# MinnKota

    Just got my cancellation email although it still shows as "Shipped" on my account page. Thank you for your recent order for the Old Town Predator XL MinnKota Kayak. Cabela’s is founded on the delivery of legendary customer experiences and we take that very seriously. Unfortunately, the...
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    Killer deal on OldTown XL kayak with 45# MinnKota

    I went for the "Black Cherry" and I am not exactly sure why... Although I am not planning on keeping it should it actually come.
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    Killer deal on OldTown XL kayak with 45# MinnKota

    I am one of the lucky ones... Only time will tell if they ship it although it's been marked as "Shipped" I don't think that means anything until there's a tracking number.
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    Incredibly confused about Hagg

    Probably the easiest and one of the most effective ways to catch fish that I have found is to simply drag around a jointed rapala in a rainbow trout pattern this lure will get hits from Rainbows (little cannibals they are...
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    Willamette smallies

    I am a lazy guy when it comes to launching the kayak so I prefer the easiest route possible... That being said I fished the Willamette park area around the house boats on both sides of the river and caught 4 smallies in about 3 1/2 hours in the afternoon Friday out of my kayak. Yes there's a fee...
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