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    Detroit area help

    We fished the N santiam above detroit at a little pull out. Caught a few 10 inters then a hatch started. So I broke out the trusty fly rod, only to lose what looked like a 14 inch trout a few minutes later..Then the rain started and we headed off. All in all a great time on the water!
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    Detroit area help

    Howdy all, Been super busy lately and have not been on here in awhile...Jeez do I miss it. The Fam and I are taking a weekend trip to central Oregon. Not a huge fishing weekend but I will be able to fish on my way over. Was thinking somewhere on the N Santiam but also considered maybe the...
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    Alsea River fishing reports

    Still worth fishing? Always make the trip there this time of year but not sure if it'll be worth it.
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    Where to head this week?

    The LNF Santiam is beautiful, but it will be crowded in most places by 11. Keep that in mind as well.
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    I totally agree, that place is deffinitly a little sketch. Good luck wherever you go.
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    I know you said you want to stay away from Monteith, but last summer I fished it around this time of year and caught a nice cutty and countless Smallmouth. On the other side of all of that deadwater under the dock, there is a little ( and I mean little, like 2-3 feet wide) peninsula. I stood...
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    Utah Fishing, any tips?

    I was going to recomend the Provo as well. A couple of buddies of mine fished it with a guide awhile ago. They had just starting to fly fish and said they caught over 30 fish a piece. Safe travels and have a great trip!
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    Fly fishing get together (details)

    Was at the little North Santiam on Sunday planned to fish but it turned into more of a scouting trip. The river was as high as I have ever seen it. Way to high for me to even set up my fly rod. Hope this won't affect your plans. Just thought y'all would like a heads up.
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    Crane in the early Spring

    Great report. Glad to see you are having fun on the water again.:D
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    Video Surveilance Of Man Taking Pics Of Lookout Point Dam!!!

    It said the video was taken March 2nd, and it's just now being released? That's odd as well don't you think?
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    anti reverse seventh wonder of the world

    I've used it while dropping bait straight down while trout fishing in lakes. If you do it like that it doesn't get your bait tandgled as easily. That's the noly time I've used it.
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    Help on the Mack! Please!

    Get to hit the water again this weekend, will deffinitly report back. Any suggestions? Thanks again.
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    River Monsters: good show or hype?

    To me it almost isn't considered a fishing show. Entertaining yes, but doesn't have the same feel to a show like "Seasons On The Fly". But it is fun to watch for sure.
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    Big bull pic

    Great Bull! Looks like there are some flies in the air as well :)
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    Applegate reservoir stocking!!!!!

    Also, the date posted on the website isn't the exact date of the stocking. It will get stocked anytime during the week. Usually later in the week. Good luck to you.
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    3 Rogue Steelhead Today!

    I keep thinking, man I gotta get down to the Rogue. But then I realize. It isn't the river that catches fish for you, its the skill! Great job and getting into more fish!
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    Scratched one out this morning!

    It sure is a beauty, Congrats!
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    Columbia Springer 03-26-2011

    I havent been on in a couple of days and just saw this bad boy, well bad hen. Sweet looking fish and the "Guide Status" seems very appropriate
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    Rogue Native C&R

    Great looking fish man!:)
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    Boat capsizes on the McKenzie missing!

    Prayers go out to him.
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