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  1. TheCrazyFarmer

    Any tips for kokanee fishing?

    I am going out to Foster Lake on the 11th, and I thought I'd try fishing for Kokanee. I haven't ever tried to fish for them before, and I mostly fish for cats. I have looked on YouTube, but most people are trolling, and I just have a 10' aluminum rowboat so I don't think I have the setup to...
  2. TheCrazyFarmer

    How's the water level at Hagg right now?

    Hi there! Me and my Daddy went to Hagg lake, in September, and the water level was super low. We got 2 nibbles over the course of the 7 hours we were there. I am guessing the low water is to blame, because we went earlier this year in July or August, and we were at least catching a bunch of...
  3. TheCrazyFarmer

    Anyone fished at Willsonville pond?

    Hey there! I hear there's a decent chance of catching stocked channels in Willsonville pond, anyone had any success there? Thanks, Johnny.
  4. TheCrazyFarmer

    Best places to catch catfish?

    Hi there! This is my first post here, and I was hoping you guys could tell me the best places to catch catfish near Hillsboro OR. Anywhere under 2 hours away from Hillsboro would be Ideal. I would be interested in catching bullheads, or channels, but I don't really care what kind, just want...
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