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  1. Markk


    Anything going on?
  2. Markk


    Any current reports? Thanks
  3. Markk

    Braided line

    I fish mostly in bays and some in the ocean. My question is how often do you change your braided line?
  4. Markk

    Siuslaw or Umpqua?

    Ocean looks good for tomorrow. Any recommendations Slaw or Qua?
  5. Markk

    Parking spot #4 South Jetty Road

    This is what I was greeted with when I returned from surf perch fishing...oh and I caught 4
  6. Markk

    Super Bowl

    Go Rams!
  7. Markk

    How do you fillet your salmon/steelhead

    After reading Rogers thread on steelhead belly strip I thought I would share how I fillet my salmon/steelhead. I saw this video and have been coping this method for 2 years now. Not only does it recover a greater percentage of the meat but it also seperates the thicker parts from the thinner...
  8. Markk

    Winchester or Siuslaw??

    I plan on crabbing on the 23rd. I would rather crab on the Siuslaw (closer) but have heard Winchester is red hot. Any input will be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Markk


    Any Coho sightings?
  10. Markk


    I know its a bit early...I don't know if I can wait!:)
  11. Markk

    New boat

    New boat
  12. Markk

    Odell 6/7

    Took my dad up to Odell yesterday. Fished from 6-11 and caught 25. We fished 3 poles, 2 on downriggers and 1 long line. Probably caught more on the long line. Fished the downriggers 30 to 70 ft. The long line with 2 oz at 100 ft back. Caught them all on hootchies with rainbow color being the...
  13. Markk

    Fish finder

    Looking to upgrade to a ff/gps combo. Any input? Thanks Mark
  14. Markk

    Green Peter 5/4

    Fished from 7 to 12 caught 14 kokes 2 trout, lost at least 10. Using red wedding rings at 30'. The wind started to pick up and the lawn needed mowing...
  15. Markk


    Anything happing there at all? I think I will give it a try this Saturday...what the heck.
  16. Markk

    Siltcoos or golf??

    It is either Siltcoos or golf this Sunday? Any input...
  17. Markk


    Caught the Silver at the start of the day. We didn't hook another fish until we were trolling back to the dock, then we caught the Chinook.
  18. Markk

    Good provider

  19. Markk

    Fun day?

    Had a great day. Three chinooks and one jack.
  20. Markk


    Released a jack and had one other take down. My sons first chinook!
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