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    Wednesday 11/20

    I have an open day, and am looking for 2-3 anglers to hop in the drifter to drain some Bobbers for Salmon.... Please Call/Text; 971-275-6725 if you’re interested. Thanks, Tanner
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    Last minute opening...

    For tomorrow, 9/19. Looking for two guys/gals to come fill the boat with Salmon. Early start. Please Call/Text if interested. Fishing is good... 971-275-6725 Cheers, Tanner
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    Fall salmon openings

    I have some openings I’m trying to fill for our current Chinook and Coho fisheries. It’s picking up steam, and has already been quite fruitful for my boat. September; 12-13,18, 23rd October; 3-4, 10-11, 15-16 I usually run two folks per trip, but I can fish three with out a hassle. Feel...
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    Winter steelhead

    One of my clients got my earliest Winter Steelhead, while intentionally targeting them, this past Saturday. I’ve hooked them around this time before, but usually while targeting Chinooks. We have 4-5 months of season ahead of us, and I have openings starting this upcoming week, through mid...
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    Nearing the end..

    With roughly 6 weeks left of my Winter Steelhead season, I thought I'd share a few open seats that I have in the near horizon. I'll do a final post later in March for my last available spots in early April. Haven't been taking too many pics due to a jacked up phone that likes to die when I...
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    I have some seats that have opened up for the beginning of February, and it looks like I won't have to cancel them due to weather. When the water has been in shape, the fishing has been quite productive. Minus a day or two.. ( Sorry, Mark ) Not sure that anyone even reads this forum anymore...
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    Salmon wrap & steelhead beginnings~

    With our Fall Salmon season starting to wane, I can't help but day dream about Winter Steelhead....( Who am I kidding, I dream about them nightly, too ) Especially with our dismal late run on some rivers which are typically peaking right now. We're still finding them, but not in the numbers we'd...
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    Boston bass

    Had an opportunity to go fish with my buddy who runs a small charter on the North shore. We were fishing out of his 23' Parker. This was my first time targeting Stripers after years of wanting to give it a whirl. Wish we still had the runs down South... We were mainly targeting them with live...
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    Upcoming weeks-

    A copy from my facebook page: 'If early wake ups and fresh Spring Chinook are your thing, I have some weekday availability over the next two weeks. 2 person minimum-$225 a seat.' Summer Steelhead are starting to show as well.. Tanner, 971-275-6725
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    Spring chinook/summer steelhead

    Well, its that time again where the weather is turning ( I hope ) and we get to pursue some of the finest tasting fish our rivers offer. The Spring Chinook and the Summer Steelhead. I'm targeting them now through early July on the Coast and in the Valley. Get a hold of me soon if you want a...
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    Scratching my head on my open boat I have tomorrow.... Looking to fill two seats, on what should be a productive day of Steelheading. Thanks, Tanner Call/text; 971-275-6725
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    Tomorrow (2/18)

    I have a group that wants to re-schedule their trip tomorrow, so I'm left with awesome river conditions, and 2 open seats.. We'll be targeting large wild steelhead like shown in the picture below. There will be no harvest opportunity, so if that's your thing, this isn't your trip. Since it's...
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    Rest O'January

    I'm trying to fill the rest of my January seats up for Winter Steelhead. The fishing has remained fair even with the cold/clear temps. Finding fresh fish everyday, and with rain moving in we should see some great action as rivers rise and drop.... Here's a few pictures from the past few...
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    Winter steelhead 2016/2017

    As most of us already know, it's officially Winter Steelhead season. With all the high water we've been having, it's no surprise they are in catchable numbers already. I'm booking trips for these fish through April, which gives us lots of time to pursue some of the sportiest fish the state has...
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    Open seat Friday.

    I have an open boat this Friday to take 2 people fishing for Salmon on the coast...... Fishing has been rewarding, $200 per person. 971-275-6725
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    Per usual, the Fall Salmon fishing has been nothing short of excellent. Lots of great fish hitting the deck the past month.... We've been playing the rain factor the past week or two, but when stars align, great days have been had... I'm going to be targeting these Salmon until December 10th...
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    Fall salmon

    This is a copy and paste post from my guide page on Facebook... With Fall quickly approaching, we are about to be underway with our often rewarding Salmon season. Whether it's Chinook or Coho, we will have ample opportunity from September through November pursuing these fish. As most of my...
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    Open seats

    I have some open seats I'm trying to fill over the next few days. Some solid fish have made a presence in the few rivers I'm fishing right now. Full boat open tomorrow and Thursday ( 2 ppl ) and ONE seat available this Friday. Please contact me via PM, or call/text 971-275-6725 Havent been...
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    Just wanted to give another heads up to anyone heading to the Lower Deschutes for trout in the near future. I got reports this week of there being a handful around ( as to be expected ) but I've been here for 4 hours and we've encountered two. One was about 3-4 ft, that I nearly stepped on...
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    R i p C i t y

    Need I say more?.... Let's do it again Monday!
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