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    Salmon River (Clackamas County)

    I'm pretty sure it's closed to all fishing now, but when it's open there is some decent trout/whitefish and it does have salmon but you can't fish for them
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    Fly Fishing Addicts group

    I recently started up a group called Fly Fishing far it has been successful and informative. Check it out in the groups section of the forum..There are a few people so far sharing reports and I hope it continues to grow..Check it out!
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    South Yamhill?

    I'm gonna go check out the South Yamhill tomorrow..sent a few PM's but haven't received many responses. Anybody know some good access points/flies to use? Is it a decent river? Thanks! Hopefully I get a few responses soon as I'm heading out tomorrow morning
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    Metolius report

    I haven't been on here in forever...I almost exclusively c&r fly fish now and this forum is more bait fishing centered, but thought I'd pop in to give a report from the Metolius! My friend Brett and I headed down to the Metolius from Friday-Sunday this past weekend. Camped the first night (bad...
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    McIver Park (Clackamas River)

    Ya kinda sucks when you try to get there early and there are other guys there..But I'm sure they wish you weren't fishing there either..part of fishing
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    Climate change

    Interesting chart. Looks like quite a few people listen to the liberal mainstream media, don't do any research for themselves. (And yes, the NYT is quite liberal.) Good sarcasm though.
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    Found sunglasses on Clack

    Ray bans
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    Be safe!

    Be safe today/this week...snow/ice storm affecting much of the Willy Valley, Columbia Gorge, Eastern Oregon, Coast Range, etc..snowing in most areas now but will probably switch over to freezing rain at about 4 PM, snow accumulations of 2-4" in Portland with ice on top! Fun, but your drive to a...
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    Alsea steelhead

    Good advice TD!
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    Planning on fishing next weekend..hoping for maybe a late summer, early winter, chinook, coho..pretty much anything. I'm undecided on where to go. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
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    Mouth of the Clackamas.....

    Nice fish!!
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    Miami River chums!

    Took my annual trip to the Miami for chums with my friend Brett and his dad..was even better than last year. Fishing was crazy..I think most of the chums came in in this past week because of the rain last weekend, so there were a lot of fresh fish in there. It was awesome! We got there at...
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    Anybody have any reports from the miami lately? Or maybe the Kilchis..? Thx..I'll prob hit the Miami this weekend and I'll post a report if it was anything like it was last time I went...
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    Poll: What species do you fish for the most?

    What species of fish do you fish for the most each year? (That's different from which species you catch the most, lol). So what type of fish do you fish for the most each year? When I go salmon fishing, there's always like 10 other guys..when I go trout fishing, almost nobody, so I'm curious...
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    I've always wondered this but for some reason have never been able to find any information on seems that usually we get about 75k fall chinook jacks over bonneville and about 10k coho jacks over bonneville each year, and the Willy gets quite a few jacks too. These numbers are small...
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    Yes, EC has fish

    Hit Oxbow this morning but the Sandy was super off color and I only fished it for a couple hours, although I did miss one on bobber and roe. Headed over to Eagle Fern to see if there were any fish, and I think it's so low I don't think a trout could live in it lol, kinda bad cuz there's usually...
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    Nehalem success

    Hit Nehalem at about 12:45 yesterday, just as the tide was starting to come in. Started at Wheeler and we had 3 rods with FBRs w/anchovies and one rod with cut plug blue label herring. Trolled around wheeler for about an hour where I hooked a fish very briefly, but lost it. Trolled back and...
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    Coho reports

    Any reports from the Sandy or Clack?
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    Crazy shark story..

    Alright, heard quite a crazy story today from a buddy (his username is hen_hunter on this forum but he doesn't really use OFF) who was out at Nehalem. He was trolling for salmon (most people on the boat limited, at about noon they had already caught four nooks and one coho, so the chinook...
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    Where to go next week?

    So I am wanting to do some bank fishing for salmon next week. It seems like a difficult prospect..low, warm water, etc..but I still want to go. The rain this weekend might help raise up some of the river levels a little at least. I've researched a lot and I'm kinda stumped. Can anyone give...
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