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    Considering making a trip to Henry Hagg?

    Do you guys think its worth it to try to make a trip up to henry hagg lake for rainbows theese next few weekends? I checked the stocking schedule and it was stocked recently. It will be bank fishing. Any pointers or places to start would be would be greatly apreciated?

    Oregon striper fishing?

    Its been a life goal of mine to get into striper fishing.. i live between eugene and flowrence, ive always heard the umpqua and smith were the places to try for em and there not to far, but from all accounts ive heard and read, its not at all what it used to be.. its now very hit or miss? So i...

    I want to go trout fishing this Sunday, but where to go?

    Been carp fishing hard lately.. need a break from it and would like to actually eat something haha i live between flowrence and eugene and would like to go fishing for trout? I catch alot of cutthroat on my property, and will go out to the coast for src here soon, but Where should i go within a...

    Bass fishing around Veneta?

    I live near noti, im about 8 miles out of veneta and am new to bass fishing.. or really fresh water fishing in general. I do good with trout but only catch bass at a few spots like horton pond, cantrel road under the bridge at coyote creek, and the end of the long tom near where it lets out into...

    Backyard trout.. Longtom River

    These are the trout I hooked this last 2 months in my back yard on the long tom river by noti. Im Curious about the yellow spots on some of them? Hah every fish I caught there this year was between 7" and 14"... But the spots have all but died hardly seen any activity for weeks in any of the...

    Tiger muskie in Oregon?

    Ive heard of people catching tiger muskie that were planted in Phillips lake in 2013, but do any of you have any experience with this? Its kind of a bucket list thing.. ive heard that merwin resavoir above portland can has some huge tiger muskie and has been stocked every few years since the...

    Want to try for stripe bass out at Winchester?

    I would like to try for stripe bass out at winchester or up the umpqua? What time of year does the run start? What bait or lures do you guys use? And boat or bank? Thanks guys I apreciate it

    Cold water tactics

    What methods do you use for the colder seasons? Ive done awesome all year in a bunch of settings on a mix of a lil corn starch, panko crumbs, stawbery jello mix, and whole kernel sweet corn made into a dough and packed on the hook inna ball? Also done ok on a worm and anis oil.. I've never tryed...

    Thinking of trying Siltcoos Lake mid December worth a try?

    My birthday is next weekend was considering taking my boat out to try the siltcoos for trout and possibly yellow perch? Is it worth it? Any tips you could offer would be greatly apreciated thanks guys

    Where to shad fish the Umpqua 2018?

    I was wondering wheres a good place too shad fish on the umpqua? Somewhere with reasonable access and that wouldn't be mobbed
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