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    All about the bass t-shirts

    Just click on the link below:
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    All about the bass t-shirts

    My friend is making these. Also in hoodies, coffee mugs and iPhone cases. Will post a link, when I get it.
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    All about the bass t-shirts

    This is awesome!
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    2020 ODFW art competions announced

    Tuesday, January 15, 2019 SALEM, Ore – Artists are invited to compete in the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s 2020 Habitat Conservation Stamp, Waterfowl Stamp and Upland Game Bird Stamp art competitions. Collector’s stamps, art prints and other promotional materials are...
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    Hope the forecast is right

    Yep. We are in a drought! Hard to believe, but it was in the news. And not fake. lol @Gulfstream did you try "summer run tactics"...i.e. using smaller OFFerings? Although it's the rain that will actually trigger the run; as we all know.
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    Florida Keys bank fishing for sharks

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    Trout now

    Whoops. I thought that you meant that you wanted to go fishing. Not to visit a hatchery. So please disregard my previous post. lol
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    Brooders stocked in Hagg & St. Louis

    By Bill Monroe For The Oregonian/OregonLive The last of the season's lunker hatchery trout have been planted by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Brood trout are large rainbow trout, weighing several pounds each, used in the production of state hatchery fish for stocking in lakes...
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    Where to fish winter steelhead?-Eugene area

    Roger is spot on. I think the Siuslaw is closet, with the Umpqua also being fairly close. The Alsea comes in #3, with the Siletz at #4. Or the Siletz may be tied with the Coquille, in terms of distance. Winter Steel, is all a Coastal show. The Eugene area only has Summer Run Steel.
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    Spinner building

    Excellent! I have the first, and second, editions. When I got the first one, in the 80's, I made some all black spinners. Black body, black blade, black swivel, and even a piece of black tubing over the hook's shank. Then I proceeded to catch & release 4 Siletz River Nooks, in one trip! They...
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    Spinner building

    Yep. I got all of my gear at Fishermanshack, back in the 80's. I'm pretty sure that Don is retired now. At least his shop is vacant. But maybe he's still active online. Also...get your self a copy of...
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    Trout now

    Henry Hagg Lake near Gaston, may be within an hour for you. Mt. Hood Community College has a pond which is also stocked. St. Louis Ponds as well.
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    Redneck fillet cleaner

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    Free fishing weekend coming soon

    Introduce a friend, child, co-worker or family member to fishing during Oregon's free fishing days. ODFW offers Oregon residents and visitors the opportunity to explore and experience fishing, crabbing, clamming without the need for a license or tags. Enjoy the fun of fishing for free anywhere...
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    Tragedy at Yaquina Bay Bar

    He ignored the Coast Guard's directions? Wow. Just wow.
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    Tragedy at Yaquina Bay Bar

    What a shame that the Cappy didn't heed that warning.
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    When in doubt..go Deschutes

    I've been picking since about '76. And my roomie, in '78, is now an international expert on Mycology. He taught me a bunch.
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    Tragedy at Yaquina Bay Bar

    Truly sad...RIP gentlemen... NEWPORT, OR (KPTV) - Three fishermen have died after their boat capsized in the Yaquina Bay Bar Tuesday night. Coast Guard officials said the commercial fishing vessel, Mary B II, called for an escort across the bar at around 10:15 p.m. When a crew arrived, the boat...
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    When in doubt..go Deschutes

    P.S. Nice morels in your avatar!