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    New to fishing, so many questions.

    Yeah - my fishing buddy lives in Eugene and I'm in Portland, so we were going to check out Walter Worth. But I read reviews beforehand and decided not to based on exactly what you are describing. People said sketchy stuff happens in the parking lot and it's supposedly just not a good scene...
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    Henry Hagg Lake Fishing Reports

    Went there yesterday and I got skunked but my buddy caught 3 trout, and one was very large (I'm cursed, BTW - we were using same bait and everything!). He was using chartreus powerbait floating off the bottom with a sinker in a relatively shallow part of the lake. We tried by the dam and didn't...
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    Sandy River

    I went to the Sandy just to get away from the house this weekend and throw a spinner and you are 100% correct. I saw a lot of chinook but they were pretty dark and seemed like they were close to the end of their run. Even if I caught something clipped I wouldn't have kept it. I spotted this...
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