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    Early gold was found today

    Earliest I have ever found them and they were EVERYWHERE! Less than a mile walked. Elevation was about1800 ft
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    Bottomfish alert!

    As of yesterday 8/233 ODFW has closed the take of Quillback, copper and china cod while fishing from a boat. Just a heads up
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    Slow day on the Rogue

    Thought we would give it a try a little early. Splashed the boat at foster bar and floated to cougar. Damn jet boats are still running and I am sure they didn't help the bite .we has 3 go past us upstream and the same downstream. We ended up with 1 hatchery fish that we let go .We will make...
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    Looking for a used spey rod and reel for steelhead

    looking to buy a used setup for steelhead
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    Another epic day OFF the southern Oregon coast

    25 miles straight out of Charleston. F A C conditions. 3 close to 30 lbs and 3 peanuts Zucchini clones were the ticket. HAVE FUN!
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    Epic day out of Gold Beach

    Splashed the boat at 6 and was greeted to a F A C ocean. Headed south west about 23 miles.Stopped short of the numbers we had from yesterday and only got 3 rods in and KLABAMO a double, of tanks. Stayed within about 5 miles of 00 and 40 .Quit at 11 with 12,lost 3.we had 6 over 20 and only 3...
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    Interesting day out of Bandon

    Launched at 6am at the very busy Bandon ramp. Looked for some bottom fish that were not home. Headed to facerock area to try for some butt with no luck.We noticed some surface action that we thought were blacks...WRONG! First cast with my pearl gitzit,, hatchery coho.OK I guess the coho...
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    Bandon high spot question

    Looks like Saturday will be pretty flat. Was wondering if any one would care to share the numbers for the high spot as I cant seem to find them. Thanks
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    Good day on the Umpqua

    Got on the water around 9:30 after my buddy had to drop the kid off at school. Took a while to get on them ,but once we got located it was a pretty steady bite. 1 double .Some nice hens mixed in with a few SMALL males. Kept 3 for pickling and shad roe cooked in home cured bacon greasease.Have...
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    Great day out of Gold Beach!

    We finally dot a narrow window today and took advantage. Splashed the boat about 8:45 and lines in about 9:15 Kinda jackass conditions and a pretty fast drift at first. The ling bite was OFF the charts, and we had 8 legal linsgs by 10:30. We got into a school fish bite and got some really nice...
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    Still a few around

    Drifted one of the local rivers today and got lucky. Not one other person around. Lost a big one at the boat and got this downstream hen ,which we sent back Bobber and jig was the ticket.Nice to have the sun around! HAVE FUN!
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    Hope the forecast is right

    3 float trips on 3 local rivers around Coos Bay in the past 2 weeks have produced NO steelhead. Plugs, side drift, spinners,jigs,you name it, nada. Yesterday the color was good, water a little low and nothing. My 10 day shows about 3 inches around here in the next week .Lets hope so .Until then...
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    Crabbing improving in the bay

    Brother in law and his brother came out from Idaho for a few days of crabbing .Started to early yesterday ,but ended up with 18 for 3.Today the timing was better and we ended up with 30 for 3 Greasy flat and no wind. HAVE FUN! Oh Yea....Tom,the best depth was 25-30 ft last hour and a half of the...
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    A beautiful day on the Rouge

    Floated Foster Bar to Cougar lane yesterday.Pulled some plugs early and my buddies wife started the day OFF with a nice wild Coho[released] We ended up with 5 hatchery half pounders and landed about a dozen.Beautiful fall colors on the float down! HAVE FUN!
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    Slow but productive bite out of Gold Beach

    Hard to believe that is was too flat yesterday. Drift was non ex istent.Took all day to get limits of lings. Caught some HUGE yelloweye that were sent back. Kept ten crabs that were hard out of at least 30 that were marshmallow soft Thanks 4Labs for the 411! The garden did not disappoint! HAVE FUN!
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    Walleye question

    My B day is coming soon and I would like to get some walleye fishing in.I have never caught one and they are on the bucket list.Can anyone recommend a good guide Or does anyone have room one day? Thanks
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    Umpqua shad is on!

    splashed the drift boat at Sawyer's rapids at 10:30.Done by 1:30 with at least 50 to the boat Kept 2 for some pickling, the rest went back.Mostly small males,but we had a few good size hens Below the rapids .green and pink were the colors,. HAVE FUN!
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    Bandon butt opener

    took advantage of the short weather window and headed out of Bandon for the opener.About 3 miles out and a little south I got lucky.Didn "t see any other fish caught and got blown OFF the water by 10:30.Have Fun!
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    Got the skunk OFF

    After getting some 411 from a buddy we hit one our local rivers for some linesides.I used to fish a lot in the Sacramento/San Joaquin river delta,so I put the old tactics to work. Well,they paid OFF! Got my first one living here for 3 years..Hopefully more to come.Missed another one right at the...
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    Last float of the season

    Hit the local river for the last trip of the season.Started OFF a little slow,but we did find a few nice ones. All released. HAVE FUN!