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    1987 Slide Rite drift boat

    1987 Fiberglass Slide Rite, 16' x 76", Garmin Echo 150 Sonar, aluminum & wood oars, new axle/brgs. Seats 4 people, fish box, 20 Gauge wire set up to run trolling motor. Works great for tide trolling with multiple batteries (not included) FISH KILLING MACHINE (sorry mom!) $2000
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    Fillet knife found

    Found yesterday near Red Hill. It looks as though it could tell many stories. Left in an unusual spot where a few eggs were spilled.................
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    Show me where the fish are!

    Need help! I need you to tell me where to catch a lot of really big fish where i do not have to walk more than 20 feet from the road and i only have some 17 year old powerbait and a pocket fisherman that was given to me by my gramps. I do not see any point in wasting any of my time just please...
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    Looking for nice level wind reels

    Perhaps it has become a small obsession but I feel the need to have a few more level wind reels as I am tired of switching out line and rods as I change species. Looking to purchase a few more quality reels both low profile and round. Need extra cash? What ya got?
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    Found- wedding band- Wickiup

    Son found a mens wedding band on the NW shore. PM description if it may be yours................
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    WTB- light weight trolling rods & reels

    Looking for at least decent quality rods with max 10# rating. Interested in higher quality small baitcast reels- bantam, curado , revo. Need extras for the kids as i am predicting at least one at the bottom of the lake this summer.....
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    Bitsy Minnows

    Just picked up a lot of these tiny lures and curious if anyone has ever tried them- They came with tiny hooks so I changed them all out for larger but i hope it does not throw off the action... Bitsy minnows made by strike king
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    Looking for quality used downriggers

    Does anyone have any good used downriggers laying around that they would part with? I'm really not wanting to put down $250 for brand new when I know there are thousands out there slowly decaying..... Not interested in anything that clamps on. Fair price paid.
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    Carpool to the Portland Sportsman show?

    Since the Wilson trip is a no go I am thinking why not go to the Sportsman show in portland on friday? If anyone would be interested in carpooling I have an 8 passenger AWD van and would depart Eugene area around 8 am. Could stop and pick anyone up off of I5 also. PM if anyone interested.
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    Looking for Siuslaw/Alsea floater

    Looking for someone to join me for fishing and to shuttle vehicles on both of these rivers during the week. I have a driftboat but prefer the pontoon for ease. Self employed so I have plenty of opportunities to get out and I prefer going during the week as I dont do crowds. Looking for someone...
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    Wading boot advice

    Ok, after 40 years of fishing in tennis shoes I think it is time to invest in some wading boots before I break something or take another unintended swim. Any good/bad experiences with certain boots and since I am always wading on rock I believe I want felt? I also do a lot of walking...
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    Home made spinners- let's see them!

    I have had a bad case of garage fever so have ventured into the world of making my own hardware to ease the pain of last years huge donation of tackle to the river. Throwing together a lot of different combinations when I should just be sticking with a few and then see what works. Any feedback...
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    Just caught an early winter steelhead on the Clackamas River

    Nearly fell off the couch in laughter!!
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    Just caught an early winter steelhead on the Clackamas River

    I think I saw you catch that- I snapped this picture of the battle! Well played fish.
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    Day old grandson lands salmon!

    :thumb: I don't mean to brag but am very impressed that my grandson got his first salmon just barely 24 hours out of the hatchery!
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    Best/favorite levelwind for trout trolling?

    Alrighty here is my addition for the week- It's about time to invest in another reel and I'm thinking about a baitcaster for trout trolling. Currently i use 3 Shimano Stradic( 2 2500's and a 1000) which I love a Revo STX and a Cardiff 401a for the big guys. I am wanting to get another small...
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    Who needs salmon eggs?

    I have the eggs of 4 coho caught yesterday and wednesday that have been kept in the fridge that I am sure someone could use. If you want lots of eggs hang out at any cleaning station as many are offering them and I thought sure I will try it. FREE to whoever can pick them up today at my office...
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    Open seat on the Slaw 10/8

    Ok, this salmon fishing thing is new to me and I am not catching a damn thing besides a sore arse from sitting in the boat. I recently purchased an old driftboat with trolling motor and would offer a seat to anyone that has experience trolling for salmon on this river. Not a drink bunch of beer...
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    Short shaft on a driftboat?

    Got a new (to me) Slide Rite drifter and the only motor I have is a short shaft 5.5 hp Johnson that needs work. Before I spend another dime on the thing I want to make sure it will be ok for the boat. From searching the internet it seems like many people say they will work while others say no...
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    Miller Lake- anyone been there recently?

    Thinking of heading to miller lake in the morning with my 26' fifth wheel but hear the road might be crapola? Anyone been in there recently?