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    Had a fun day !

    Pastor Mutchler and I went Drift Fishing on a SW Washington River and we picked up four nice Coho Salmon. It was the first time I Drift Fished out of a rubber raft. We had a fun Day and are looking forward to do it again.
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    Catch and release on light gear

    Betty, Our Son Roman, and I went catch and release Sturgeon fishing with Dave Ward The longest was over 5 feet. Regulations do not allow the oversized Sturgeon to be taken out of the water for unhooking and releasing and Roman caught another around 4 1/2 feet long. Betty originally had the 4 1/2...
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    Willamette River smallmouth

    Went Salmon fishing with my neighbor John. No Salmon but we did pick up 9 Smallmouth.;):thumb:
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    I'm very pleased

    I'm Very Pleased with the Stainless steel motor mount that a custom welder from Canby Manufactured for my new Drift Boat. He welded the seems both inside and outside the seem to increase the strength. (Gordon's Welding) :thumb:
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    I brought my new baby home..............

    ....................We still need to install the rear anchor system and the rowers seat. I almost hate to get blood on the sky Blue floor ! My new Drift Boat was custom built by Crawford Boat Works, of Molalla, Oregon. ;):D
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    Yesterday my Brother Neal and I took our Step-Father Bob fishing on the North Fork. We had a great time, trolling a wedding Ring with a small chunk of night crawler. We caught our limits in about 3 hours
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    Last week my wife Betty and I camped at the Little Fawn Campground and fished at Big Lava Lake. Fishing was so slow the guide service with the big party pontoon boat had it's clients Diving off the rails and going for a swim. I'd hate to pay guide prices to go swimming. We did catch a few fish...
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    Grandpa/Grandson Time On Hagg Lake

    ]I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with my Son Bart and my Grandson Sammy On Henry Hagg Lake. I was able to accomplish, my goal as everybody caught fish. Sammy plans on cooking the fish for his brother and 2 Sisters :):D;)
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    Slow start good finish

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    North Fork has been good lately

    Monday, 3 limits 1 hour 45 minutes, Tuesday, 2 limites 3 hours Trolling wedding Rings tipped with a small piece of nightcrawler :D;)
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    First Time This Year

    Went to North Fork the other day. We fished for about 3 1/2 hours. We only caught 4 fish. This time of the year can be a little slow at North Fork. :):think:
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    Sturgeon above the Falls

    Where are good places to fish or Sturgeon on the Willamette River, above the Oregon City Falls ? :rolleyes::D
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    Nearby fishing spots from Clackamas Mall

    Kage, Here are 50 places to fish within 60 minutes of Portland.
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    Kalama River steelhead

    My Son Gabriel and I fished the Kalama River last Thursday. We took this pretty girl home and ate her for Christmas.:);)
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    Thursday may have been......

    ..................The last beautiful day this season on Henry Hagg Lake. Forecasts do not give much promise of nice weather coming our way before the closing on Nov. 20th. The picture is my wife Betty getting ready to feed our mascot Mae. The fish were not bitting very well. If it were not...
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    Spent 3 hours on Hagg today

    It was cold and foggy when we arrived at 10 AM It started clearing as we launched the boat. At 1 PM with the misty fog and the cold wind we decided we had enough fun for one day. We caught several fish and kept 5 to take home and eat. Hope the weather will allow us to get back on the Lake...
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    Celebrating 40 years of frienship

    We used to get in the boat and talk about Fishing, Hunting and the Blazers. Now we get in the boat and we talk about Fishing, Hunting, the medications we are taking and the latest thing the Doctor told us is happening to our aging bodies. :);):lol:
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    My wife Betty.........

    ............................... Allows me to go fishing with her and net all the fish as long as I don't get in the way by catching to many fish myself. She thinks it is fun to catch her limit and most of my limit also. We went to Henry Hagg Lake Where we fished for about 7 hours and only...
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    Fishing 9-14-11

    Went to North Fork Reserviore this morning with my nieghbor John. We decided to make a full morning of it and fish until noon. We must have caught 30-40 fish. After we had caught our limit we were releasing all of the fish as soon as we dehooked them. :):lol:;)
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    My wife.....................

    .............. Allows me to go fishing with her as long as I don't get in the way and catch too many fish. She wants to catch her limit and mine also. I live a tough life. 2hours 30 minutes on North Fork Res. Trolling wedding rings tipped with a crawler:D:lol:;)