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    Slow day on the Rogue

    Thought we would give it a try a little early. Splashed the boat at foster bar and floated to cougar. Damn jet boats are still running and I am sure they didn't help the bite .we has 3 go past us upstream and the same downstream. We ended up with 1 hatchery fish that we let go .We will make...
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    Looking for a used spey rod and reel for steelhead

    looking to buy a used setup for steelhead
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    What's your experience been with the vented crab bait jars?

    I prefer the jars I drill extra holes in them though
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    Summer steelhead on the Rogue

    We do well on Buds#3 in brass. They are $1.99 at Bi Mart
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    Another epic day OFF the southern Oregon coast

    25 miles straight out of Charleston. F A C conditions. 3 close to 30 lbs and 3 peanuts Zucchini clones were the ticket. HAVE FUN!
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    Epic day out of Gold Beach

    Splashed the boat at 6 and was greeted to a F A C ocean. Headed south west about 23 miles.Stopped short of the numbers we had from yesterday and only got 3 rods in and KLABAMO a double, of tanks. Stayed within about 5 miles of 00 and 40 .Quit at 11 with 12,lost 3.we had 6 over 20 and only 3...
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    Odell health advisory

    Thanks for the 411! Bummer
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    Horrible boat trailer accident kills 7 year old boy

    I would guess that if someone was with him that would of not happened
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    Looking for help

    They got some tuna today out of Charleston. Keep an eye on the wind. 😛Bottom fish is always an option,but not in Eugene... Where do you plan on going out of?
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    Horrible boat trailer accident kills 7 year old boy

    That young of a person should NOT be unsupervised in an area like that
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    Bluelake Park, Fairview

    Where is this lake?
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    Salmon Sunday out of Depoe Bay

    Looks pretty flat!
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    Wet suit??

    I have in the past. Gets a bit hot though
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    What shrimp are these?

    Looks like a grass shrimp
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    Amazing day of fishing, 30 June 2019

    GREAT report!
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    What else from the shore ?

    Gotcha Cant help ya there
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    What else from the shore ?

    are you meaning coos ?