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    Yaquina jetty

    Coast-bound this coming weekend. Casting the jetty for whatever's down there with Clousers if anyone is interested.
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    Newport help

    Looking for some wild trout action in creeks on the coast near Newport - tenkara style
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    Sandy sundowner

  4. J

    Buck brat on black

  5. J

    Black has been great this winter

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    Bright chinook

    Metal hen crushed a Hoh Bo. Switch rod mayhem.
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    Brand new Lamiglas/Penn combo for sale

    2-piece G1319 Lamiglas 8'6" Kenai King spinning rod and Penn Spinfisher V 4500 for sale. I bought this combo with the intention of using it for Chinook here and redfish in FL, but it has been sitting in the corner for 6 months now, and I reckon I'll never use it. It hasn't even been used once...
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    How's it?

    Fall Chinook reports?
  10. J

    Bernie Sanders PDX live stream

    Here -
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    Stolen spey rod

    Echo 7130 stolen out of my truck tonight - lower Hood River - probably never see her again, but figured I'd put it out there...
  12. J

    Got a springer

    Now I can put the rod away for a little while at least.
  13. J

    Lost a springer

    Hooked a springer today for about 30 seconds while swinging for steelhead. Wow, I wasn't ready for that. WOW :worthy:
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    No stocking reports for 2015 what???

    Most districts on the ODFW website still show 2014 dates. What's the deal. It's March, guys, and it feels like May.
  15. J

    2015 - No Deschutes springers

  16. J

    Astoria seafood??

    Found myself in Astoria for a day or so... Want oysters and seafood and beers... Where to go???
  17. J

    Big Elk Creek

    I'm in Newport for Christmas and brought my swinging gear. I want to fish one or two days this week if anyone is interested. PM me.
  18. J

    Chrome o'clock

    Had an hour to kill resulted in a steelie to release
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    Legalize it

    Hell. Yes.
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    Sandy tomorrow

    Gonna fish between classes from 12-2:30 near Dabney if anyone is interested.