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    Winter steelhead yet to show in metro areas, available on the coast however

    Bob Rees with a Wilson River winter steelhead from Monday, December 1st, 2020 The Kilchis still has a few late running bright Chinook, but it is also inundated with chum salmon. A nice change from previous years. The North Fork Nehalem is seeing returning fish with the hatchery working about...
  2. The Guides Forecast

    North coast fishing report

    The most recent rain has brought some fresh Chinook to the north coast, and I’ll emphasize “some.” Pro guide Rob Gerlitz landed his people a couple of nice Chinook on Wednesday, November 25th. Drifting from Mills Bridge to Sollie Smith, Gerlitz landed these two nice Chinook and had a couple of...
  3. The Guides Forecast

    Fall chinook fishing on the north coast remain bleak

    Thursday, only the Kilchis was in good enough shape for the driftboat fleet to deploy upon and most anglers came up short while pursuing Chinook. A lot of incidental chum salmon were caught and released however, a good sign that there’s a good return of those challenged fish. Most north coast...
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    Coos River

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    Coos River

    I fished the Coos estuary this weekend with guide Martin Thurber and my wife’s family. I hooked and lost a big fish on our second pass upriver from the confluence with the Millicoma River (it broke off…not my fault!!). We had another drive-by before moving lower in the river as the tide bottomed...
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    Winchester Bay

    Chinook are moving through the bay and fishing near the jaws with herring is fair. I had a friend get a nice chinook and release a couple silvers at the jaws on Sunday.
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    Detroit Lake Fishing Reports

    Sounds like the campgrounds miraculously made it through the fires unscathed….but not sure there will be access to the reservoir until next spring due to unstable trees and melted asphalt, rock slides etc.
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    Paulina Lake Fishing Reports

    Paulina Lake has been so fun! Fishing the edges with Beetles and Red Tarantula’s and Balanced leeches and Red 2 Bit Hookers. No one is there and the fishing is maybe the best of all the lakes except Crane on a good day. Currently, this is my favorite lake.
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    Crane Prairie Reservoir Fishing Reports

    Crane Prairie is quite good on most areas of the lake, including the Deschutes entry side, the Quinn Channel, Rock Creek at the point and Cultus Channel areas are worth fishing and will be for the next 5 weeks until it closes.
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    Metolius River

    The Metolius River is now open from the Riverside CG area (near the headwaters) all the way to the reservoir.
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    Deschutes River

    The Lower Deschutes. Trout action is good from WS to Trout Creek and there are Steelhead all the way up from the mouth. For trout, Euro Nymphing has been fantastic. The Middle Deschutes is another good option from just upstream of Bend all the way down to Lake Billy Chinook. The PMD hatch is...
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    Tillamook Bay

    The lower Tillamook Bay and ocean has slowed from recent success, but anglers fishing the upper bay have scored fairly consistent results over the last week. Recent rains will be a game changer as a September rain freshet is an unusual but very welcome event for both bank and driftboat anglers...
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    Clackamas River

    Clackamas River coho fishing is heating up. The Clackamas has seen another small bump in river levels and as we enter peak migration for coho, action should be getting good for anglers that can access the river. Some bank fishing spots are more challenging to access due to fire damage, but...
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    Sandy River

    The lower river has given up some very nice fish and I’m referring from Dabney to mouth. The forecast is for more rain over the next couple of days which will pull more fish into the river. You will then find fish all the way up to the hatchery with about 3/4 of inch of rain forecasted. The...
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    Columbia River

    Metro anglers are still in hot pursuit of mainstem Columbia fall Chinook. Despite lots of good fishing still to come, catches remain sporadic as the sport fleet is still competing with the commercial fleet for successful days. It’s been a robust return, with the run size upgraded 18% higher than...
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    Clackamas River

    The Clackamas is under severe fire watch and it's advised that anglers stay away from the area to allow fire crews to work the affected area (fire departments are taking water from Barton and Carver Park boat ramps). Fishing at the mouth of the river may be an option however, where most of the...
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