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  • We need to get out on the river because I want to be there when you catch that chromer on the swing! Also, can you recommend a sink tip for me? Length....grain? Chicken size flies?
    s'bout time, doood. anyways, all you need are tips - sink, intermediate, float. tippets can be straight mono, and flies, which you'd have no problems with.

    so when we gonna do lesson 2? hope you've been watching the real skagit jedi master dvd. ed's style is definitely the most efficient and effortless to throw the junk. once you can throw big chickens, the tiny summer flies will be a breeze.
    Well Jimmy the pressures on. I need to be able to spey cast by August. Two things: 1st I have the chance to fish for returning chum salmon up in Washington on the Skykomish with family. And 2nd I'm probably sure that we will make a return trip to the Deschutes like last year to target steelies (no wind please) with a couple more fly swingers. So it's off to the fly shop I go to complete the rest of the gear that you've started me with. I hope someday I will no longer be the apprentice and become a spey Jedi like you!
    yeah... if you're using the tfo, then you don't need the skagit head ($50)... you have the 550gr whick is matched to that rod. all you'll need is a reel (under $200) and backing (free) and running line ($20–$$50). i have a spare running line (airflo miracle braid) so you don't even need that. basically you'll only need a reel. you can get a very nice tfo prism 9/11 for $100. TFO Prism Reel
    I got a quote from Joel for a reel, lines, etc. Little over three hundred which I thought was reasonable. Can't quite swing that yet (excuse the pun)but I'm working on it.
    No..I thought you taught it well. I felt I learned a lot in the time before my feet started to leave me from standing in the cold water for 4 hours. lol
    I would say it would be better to return to the water. Always a chance for a fish. Besides, don't you know that fish Always bite when you're not paying attention? How do they know that????:think:
    There's a little voice inside my head and it keeps repeating 'Your D collapsed....You pushed with your right hand....Your elbow is stuck to your ribs again, Keep the fly anchored. All great advice and things to remember Not to do the next time I try Spey Casting. Thanks again Jimmy for devoting your fishing day to teach me how it's done. Just got to always remember to think inside the box.!!!
    You want 2 go fish Sat???....Well I guess not since I have not heard from you...Well good luck out there(my buddy landed two today and one was his first "on the fly").
    Ummm,how did that happen??? You AREN'T MY FRIEND!!?? Gotta fix that...will you be my friend? I will be yours...
    You haven't really felt the full brunt of the addiction until you've caught your first steelhead on one of your hand tied tube flies. I hope I'm there when it happens.
    Hey Jimmy, Did you resolve the connection issue on your home PC? Also......am I understanding correctly that you are now armed with a spey rod?
    The way Fisch was going on about hooks in socks and everywhere, I thought there was more to the story and other funny stuff that could occur during a costume party fish day. Who went with Fishfinger Dan?

    You'll have to show me that Skagit line of yours. All I know is that they are designed heavier for casting big bugs and you can change to different tips. Aren't they used more on spey rods?
    Hey Jimmy what's hap'nin? I really thought a lot more stuff would come out of the costume fishing party you guys went on but it kind of died. Looked like a fun day.
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