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    Coos Bay crabbing is improving

    2.5 hrs ,5 traps,30 ft of water.We got some monsters .Good grade overall and no softies! HAVE FUN!
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    Outstanding day OFF the north high spot

    Got a bit of a late start...Got to the spot around 10:30 and got into the fish quickly.2 lb jig in 300plus feet of water. Talk about an ass kicker, but well worth it. wind and sheep showed up about noon, as predicted.
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    Epic day out of Gold Beach

    Splashed the boat at 6 and was greeted to a F A C ocean. Headed south west about 23 miles.Stopped short of the numbers we had from yesterday and only got 3 rods in and KLABAMO a double, of tanks. Stayed within about 5 miles of 00 and 40 .Quit at 11...
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    Interesting day out of Bandon

    Launched at 6am at the very busy Bandon ramp. Looked for some bottom fish that were not home. Headed to facerock area to try for some butt with no luck.We noticed some surface action that we thought were blacks...WRONG! First cast with my pearl...
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    Good day on the Umpqua

    Got on the water around 9:30 after my buddy had to drop the kid off at school. Took a while to get on them ,but once we got located it was a pretty steady bite. 1 double .Some nice hens mixed in with a few SMALL males. Kept 3 for pickling and shad roe...
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    Still a few around

    Drifted one of the local rivers today and got lucky. Not one other person around. Lost a big one at the boat and got this downstream hen ,which we sent back Bobber and jig was the ticket.Nice to have the sun around! HAVE FUN!
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