Fishing The Wilson River

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Wilson River Water Levels

Understanding water levels is an important factor for planning your Wilson River fishing trip. If water levels are high, use brighter colors and run your lures deeper. If the water is low and clear, then try to stay back off the holes and eddies cast a little further as not to spook the fish and use more natural colored tackle. The ideal Wilson River water levels for both boat and bank fishing, range from 4.8 ft. to 5.4 ft. If you are fishing from a drift boat you have a little more flexibility and can successfully fish the Wilson River with water levels from 3.5 ft. to 6 ft. For bank fishing and plunking, 6.5 ft. and up are good as well...

Wilson River Water Level

Wilson River Bank Fishing

Wilson River Fishing

The Wilson River's easy bank access is one reason why it's a favorite salmon and steelhead locale. Sollie Smith Bridge, just east of Tillamook, is considered to be the head of the tidewater on the Wilson and offers a large holding pool with limited access. Along the south, or parking lot, side of the river anglers can find a number of spots that will allow them to perch on a rock or a tree stump while they drift bobber and bait combinations or drift fish the hole. While catching fish in this hole isn't particularly difficult, landing them can be. The bank is steep and brushy, so it helps to have a fishing partner and a long-handled net if you want to get your catch into the cooler for the ride home.

Josi Hole, north of the highway on Olsen Road, offers two distinctly different types of water. A pay-for-access hole, the lower end, below the riffle, starts with a deep holding pool at the upper end near an island and tapers off into relatively shallow water 100 feet downstream. The upper drift at Josi's starts with deep, slow-moving water on a bend in the river and moves downstream towards the island marking the boundary with the lower drift. The entire upper hole is deep and hugs the south bank, the side anglers pay to gain access to. While this deep, bank-hugging run can be drift fished, it is most commonly, and successfully, fished with bobber and bait combinations...

Wilson River Fishing Reports

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