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Somewhere in my home state in India

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  • Somewhere in my home state in India

    Rhino has fun with traffic.. Must watch.

    Last time I went home I took an elephant safari, from 10 feet away these guys look huuuge.
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    Holy crap on a crusty cracker!! Are rhino's native to India? I was waiting for the kid on the bike to try getting past that monster. I'm glad the rhino took a left, finally. lol


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      Yes Barb, I grew up 70 odd miles from the place where this video is taken, place called Kaziranga. That national park has more one horned rhinos than any other place in the world. Lots of tigers, elephants, buffaloes, deer and what nots too.


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        Wow, I am amazingly ignorant about your national wildlife! I knew about the tigers, elephants, buffaloes, and deer, but I was under the impression rhinos were only in Africa. I impulsively shared your video on Facebook and got a lot of reaction, I hope it's alright with you.


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          Just for giggles, I thought I'd toss in that there are two species of Rhino in Africa, White and Black, there are also Indian Rhino, Javan Rhino, and Sumatran Rhino.
          All five are endangered, some critically so. Mostly due to poaching for their horns.
          The Javan Rhino, with only 60 known in the wild, and the Northern White Rhino with only three in captivity known to exist, will both soon be extinct, although the subspecies of Southern White Rhino are the most abundant in the world.
          So now you know more about Rhinos than you ever wanted to.


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