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    Hey gang. Im back. Its been a while. Did a stint in Las Vegas, received a new medical degree, but now Im finally back home in Oregon and so ready to hook into some fish. I recently settled in the Salem Keizer area, work at the Hospital, and really really need some people to go fishing with. I hit some secret bass ponds in Eugene w my brother, but all my steele and salmon chasing has been solo, and Im getting skunked. I read that the steele run is terrible this year, but hopefully the high rivers have let the salmon get up toward Mill City by now. Anyone need a partner on the bank, or have an open seat? Let a brotha know. Also, Im looking for FishFinger. Dan and I used to fish before I moved, and I have lost track of him, if anyone point me in his direction, or vice versa, that would be rad. So, anyone wanna go fishing?

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    Welcome back and congrats on the degree! I haven't seen a post by Fishfinger in awhile. You might try sending him a pm.


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      Welcome back and congrats! Sorry but haven't seen hide nor hair, of FishFinger in a long time.


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        Dan moved to the Redmond area a couple of years ago. I have not heard a word from him since he left the forum. You might look over at "" a fly fishing forum for him.