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Late season rendezvous!

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    Late season rendezvous!

    Usually I'm wrapping up my Winter Steelhead season right about now, but with our high flows, and fresh fish still coming in, it only seems fitting to keep the boat wet.

    So, I thought I'd throw a deal out to my fellow forum members, through April 30th.

    *$300 gets you and one other the boat for the day*

    Our main target will be whatever decides to take our offering. Winter Steelhead? Summer Steelhead? Spring Chinook?. It's an interesting time on some of our rivers, where you don't know what's in store, with little to no pressure to boot.

    We can side drift, jig fish, swing flies, huck hardware, and if we get signs of Spring Chinook around, back bounce bait for them. Or, maybe you just want a little guidance on any of the techniques mentioned, this would be a good time for it, before I go to a stricter program in May/June,

    Dates become available starting this Thursday, the 19th.

    Text/Call or shoot me a message on here if want to line something up.