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Salmon wrap & steelhead beginnings~

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  • Salmon wrap & steelhead beginnings~

    With our Fall Salmon season starting to wane, I can't help but day dream about Winter Steelhead....( Who am I kidding, I dream about them nightly, too ) Especially with our dismal late run on some rivers which are typically peaking right now. We're still finding them, but not in the numbers we'd like. Nonetheless, the past 3 months have been nothing short of excellent, with stories to last a lifetime. I just wanna give a quick thanks to anyone on the Forum who has booked me this Fall, I truly appreciate y'all helping to keep the dream alive. I thought I'd go ahead and offer some early Steelheading during a bit of a transition period this upcoming week at a discount. We'll ditch the Salmon rods, take advantage of water in the river, and start doing some side-drifting for early Steels. We will likely still run into Chinook, too, but they won't be our mission.

    I have three available days this upcoming week. Dec 5th, 6th and 7th. ( Tues-Thurs ) I was going to take care of some other things, but I can't pass up fish in the river, with weather and conditions so favorable.

    I'll be offering the boat for 2 anglers at $350, which is $100 off what I charge, for forum members only. If you're looking for fish after fish, these trips won't be for you, but if you're an explorer and an optimist, I can guarantee a good time.

    Text/Call 971-275-6725 if you're interested.


    Here's a few photos from our Salmon season. I narrowed it down to a dozen of my favorite days..
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      And what we're about to be after......


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        It seems like we have been hearing that "S" word more and more lately.


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          Please provide pictures of Dana and all the fishes he claimed to have caught...

          I just want him to feel like hes doing well.


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            Originally posted by OnTheDrop View Post
            our dismal late run on some rivers which are typically peaking right now. We're still finding them.

            You'll find one less since Wednesday.