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Metlfly wobblers/divers for sale?

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  • Metlfly wobblers/divers for sale?

    There is a guy selling Metlfly wobbler/diver lures, on eBay for $9 plus $5 shipping And, that's just ridiculously too much money for one lure!

    Does anyone know where I can buy them for less?

    Here is his ebay link--w/ four pic's--just so you can see what I want to buy:

    METLFLY Swimming Action, Premiere, Trout & Bass LURE - eBay (item 380183541691 end time Mar-30-10 23:39:41 PDT)

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    Looks like one of them lures that catches fisherman better than fish. For that price I'll stick to my Kastmasters. For 14 bucks I can get 4 of em, and I can't imagine that thing working a whole lot better either. Have you tried one?


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      My friend caught a 20" 'bow in Big Lava Lake with one, and he did catch a smaller trout with it yesterday. And he says they really knock trout dead, when used in rivers. He says a Metlfly, dives and wiggles along the bottom of a river bed without getting snag. And, the fish hammer them!

      That's why I want to try one. But, I'm also not about to pay $14 to get one. (My buddy's dad made his in his shop). I'll stick too Kastmasters, Little Cleo's and the like; before paying thru the nose for a Metlfly!


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        On the bottom of that Ebay page they have a Muskie/ Pike lure they want $80 buckaroos fer it.


        tooo rich fer my blood.


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          As the dad on "Everyone Loves Raymond" used to say...

          "Holy Crap!"

          There's also a dude online who recycles beer n' pop caps into lures. And, he sells six for $40!

          Just proves the theory, that a lot of peeps are morons! Oh well, like I always say...better to moron than moroff! LOL


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            go get ya a couple of lazy ikes for like $.35. You can get them to do the same thing, and paint them any color you want. They too also murder trout and come in diffrent sizes for trout and salmon. I'm gonna have to email him about using marauder wobblers also...thats a registered TM of TCO.
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              Where does one go, to buy "lazy Ike's"?


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                I used to get them from Joes but now i think you are going to need to go to wordens website. They are made from the same material as corkies so you can drift them. They are murder on steelies.


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                  That guy selling Metlfly lures is my brother. My dad invented this lure in the late 40's and marketed them with good success through the mid seventies when my mother died and he didn't feel like keeping the business running alone. This lure is, without a doubt, the absolute best stream lure for trout ever designed. My dad was a pilot and used his knowledge of aeronautics to design a very light lure that would run deep against or accross the current. I have never been out fished by anyone using any other lure in my life. But then again, I know how to use them and anyone who fishes with me soon uses nothing but Metlflys. If you want to contect me with info regarding what kind of fishing you do, I'll send you a couple to try out. I am currently looking into bringing Metlfly back on the market.


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                    Welcome to OFF. Glad to have ya. Hope you enjoy our lively crew.

                    I've sent you an email message. Thank you for your OFFer!