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Dry brine whole trout?

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  • Dry brine whole trout?

    I'm new to smoking trout. I've wet brined 3 times now because I have a technique for removing all bones while smoking when the trout is whole. My problem is I like the flavor I can get from dry brining but not sure if the brine will penetrate a whole trout? Anyone tried this?

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    Ok! give us the ingredients and process. Cooking is a science. I am in the process of smoking surf perch using a decades old formula brought from the islands. Tony


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      The one time I used a dry brine I cut filets off the trout and it came out really well. I just used a simple brine with salt brown sugar white sugar garlic powder and onion powder. Brined till the filets were firm and smoked. The problem with this method is my wife HATES bones in the fish so when the fish is whole I can pull the bones easy and she can enjoy the fish as well.