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  • Crabbing report

    Well we finally made it Crabbing yesterday after a drivung all the way to Charleston we stopped at wal-Mart a friend had to get his crabbin License any way we looked down at the trailer and we realized that the bearings were gone on the trailer :think::clap:ughhhhhhhh! well lwe lmped the trailer to the local marina where they werent open yet luckily someone was there and let us park the boat there while we went in search of tools and parts. Meanwhile we realized the registration on the boat had expired new year and all!
    anyway By 9 30 we finally got the parts needed and it took about 3 hours to change the bearings and everything luckily the guys there let us do it in the parking lot so after about 3 3.5 hours we were finally off to go crabbing we finally got out in the bay about :dance:12 30 1 oclock and from there everything went pretty good had a pretty good trip not great not alot of crabs but a beutiful day. got to love the first trip out in the boat after storing it all Winter.

    Hok Em Hard


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    Thanks for the report.
    Too bad for the unexpected repairs, thats one trip you'll remember for a long time.
    I just went out and checked the brgs on my trailer.


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      good idea and good luck


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        Kirk, I am from klamath falls and we have always crabbed in the fall. If the crab are good and the crabbing could be good we wouldn't mind coming over to Charleston this spring. Is thiis generally the case?