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    Keeping my catch cool tip

    Ice cubes were my go to for years. I was spending quite a bit on bags of ice every week with multiple fishing trips. I even purchased a small ice maker for the house it makes 8-10 lbs a day that I bag and put in the freezer. The ice maker more than paid for its self in the first year. However 4-6 bags was starting to take up too much of the freezer to prepare for the next fishing day.

    Now we freeze small blocks that fit in an ice bag (bags can be reused to limit plastic) and these stack nice and compact in the freezer, keep the fish bag very cold with limited cubed ice needed on top. These will stay frozen for a 2 day trip but are not so big they are too heavy like the large for purchase ice blocks.

    I use foil pans these can be continually reused.
    1) I fill foil pans with water and place in your freezer
    2) When frozen slide the ice blocks into ice bags and stack in the freezer
    3) add 2-4 blocks to your fish bag then you need less of the cubed ice to pour over the top of the fish.

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