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What’s you guys store terminal tackle in?

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    What’s you guys store terminal tackle in?

    I'm interested in what you guys use for storing and carrying around your terminal tackle, such as hooks, weights, o-rings, etc... I've been using the Plano tackle organizer, but I'm just wondering if there's anything better out there.

    Hard to beat a decent Plano box.

    A lot of people make the mistake of choosing the wrong model, I stick with the 3600 size, slim if I can find it, and make sure it has the pro latches. They fit in most tackle bags, and more importantly a backpack. (tackle bags are much harder to carry as a bank fisherman)

    I've had bad luck with Flambeau boxes, too much flex.

    If I'm wading, or saltwater fishing, I might switch to a decent "work binder" with the bags in them. Little more water tight just make sure you wash the cloth bag.