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Do you have a $10,000.00 lure?

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  • Do you have a $10,000.00 lure?

    If you come across these lures in your tackle or in a garage sale, you could hit the jackpot!

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    FANTASTIC article. Thanks for sharing!

    Maybe our fearless leader, can create a sub section for collectible information?


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      That really caught my eye. I love old stuff and have a few cool antique lures. One of my favorites is a new in package polar bear fur salmon fly that I picked up for $9. It is blue and white. I am guessing it 50 years old or so. It is now mounted in a shadow box and hangs on my wall.

      The attached picks are of an antique Creek Chub Dingbat that seems to be in pretty good shape. I can get it for $20. Any recommendations from the OFF gang as to whether I should buy or walk?


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        Wow We! I suppose all that retrieving all my lures out of trees and under water snags will finally pay OFF!

        Wishfull thinking, I know. The valuable stuff is still in the original boxes, way above my idea of affordability.
        These lures were my Dads. He would be 104 years young this year. The second Heddon from the top left, has tooth marks from a bass that threw the plug back into our boat and splashed us on it's way to freedom.


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          I have some of my grandfathers old lures...when I am out on the water I have them in my boat in his memory


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