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    Sup everyone, just letting you guys know I will be posting TONS of new fishing videos on my youtube account above (and hopefully I correctly attached another link which doesn't show in the preview but lets see what happens).

    I've been doing a lot of fishing lately and would like to share these memories and fishing information with yall, so let me know what type of footage and content you would like to see. I'm willing to give out free information on almost anything fishing because yall have helped me in my fishing journey. Most of my videos so far is fishing with iBobber, a castable sonar, in which it helped me greatly in locating fish. There is a lot of raw footage that goes into these music videos, so please let me know if you would like to see the raw footage, or any information on how I fished for certain species. If anybody is also curious on certain water depths in certain lakes, rivers, let me know. I'm also willing to fish new requested lakes or fishing spots.

    Also, check out my instagram with my username being igquick.

    Tight Lines everyone


    Most of my videos are fishing with a few basketball ones.