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    Trying to get up to speed on pro troll flashers. Seems to be an item of interest to many in pursuit of Chinook. I see e-chip type and non-chip type flashers are available. Some say they’re a gimmick where others didn’t think they would work but tried them and now sware by them. Looking for input from those who have actually fished with them. Interested in any/all comments. Thanks & tight lines.

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    I have used both the Short Bus and Pro Troll, have not seen a difference between using an e chip and not using flasher with it. Think color is more important. Usually using all chrome in Pro Troll or Sweet Abby color in Short Bus version. Also, need short leader, 24-30" for trolling spinners. Should keep at about 5' for use with cut plug herring, so it gets good action.


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      Thanks for your help Fishnsleep......anything helps at this point. Like to have insight before plunging into something new.


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        I Have also used both flashers and did not notice a difference between the 2. I agree with what Fish said the all chrome is always the hot color on my boat for the Pro Troll echip


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          Color is by far the key to success when it comes to Chinook, I wish I had all the money I have spent over the years on the new and improved tackle that hits the market. Just think of all the Fresh Salmon I could have bought.... Think of it this way, humans have been catching Chinook for hundreds of years and their success was most impressive...



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            Originally posted by Troutski View Post
            I wish I had all the money I have spent over the years on the new and improved tackle that hits the market.
            IMO 80% of tackle is made, not to catch fish. But to catch the dollars of the fisherpeeps, who buy them. Thinking that, they will catch fish. You only need, a few basic colors.

            Back in the 80's bought, and completely devoured, Jed Davis's infamous book: Spinner Fishing for Salmon, Steelhead, and Trout. Based upon his principles, I then bought a spinner making kit, and the components (bodies, blades, clevises, etc). It was late Fall; so I made a batch all BLACK spinners. Even black plastic tubing, slid down over the hook shanks. Then I hooked into FOUR nooks, on the Siletz, in just two hours! But how many black spinners do you see, on store shelves? I rest my case; your honor.