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Mini Spey vs false cast

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  • Mini Spey vs false cast

    Mini Spey for trout and salmon in the northwest medium wide skinny rivers ( 9 to 11ft. , 3 to 6wt. for coastal rivers) The standard Spey is normally 14ft. 9wt and above. Mini spey can be done with a switch rod. Down size the normal spey heads of 30 to 110ft to under a 30 foot head for mini spey. I have done the 14ft rod thing for fat waters. Not many fat waters found in most coastal waters. I step down to mini spey 3 months ago, all practice up until now. I think that I am ready to hit the coastal rivers fall/spring. It sure beats false casting all day long. The nice thing is that the loading of the rod is done, line in the water. No more 10 O'clock, 2 O'clock thing. Mini S is just all one motion. Does anyone have any suggestions for casting technics for this beginner. Tony

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    What practice have you done? What's your current setup? Your two hand spey cast should be practiced in water anyways. I assume you are planning to target winter steelhead since you mentioned coastal rivers. Your basics are skagit heads for the winter or some indicator fishing. A few details and I can give you some pointers or help you with some shooting heads and sink tip setups that produce for me. I have two switch rods four spey rods and a trout spey I fish with


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      Southpaw thank you for such a quick response! To answer 14ft 10wt and 9ft 6inch micro spey. Yes on winter steelhead. The micro spey throws well with 275 grains. scandi head with furled 9ft leader. I would like to some indicator fishing. Any spots in the Tillamook basin do conventional 14ft spey practice? Thanks again willing to assist. Tony p.s. maybe pms are in order.