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  • Haldeman Pond

    I just fished Haldeman this morning (6-10:30). Is this place just completely fished out by now? No one was around, I was alone all morning. Saw a few fish jumping and caught a few not worth keeping.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this place??? I've caught trout here before but I didn't know if people were done with this location. I heard everyone is hitting up Hagg right now.

    Thanks y'all!

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    Most small ponds, like that one, will have been fished out by now. Of the stocked trout, that is. Any left over trout--at this time of year, with warm water--would die OFF, to boot. You're best best, now, are lakes with colder water. Like Hagg.

    Good luck, and welcome to OFF.


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      Thanks! I heard many of the Hagg trout have parasites, though. Is this still true?


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        You're welcome. I've not been to Hagg, yet this year. But I have fished it, for about 8 or 9 years in a row. And have never seen any fish, with any parasites.


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          I've seen a few with parasites, all in the summer months. Ugly devils if you ask me, won't go looking for trout in Hagg right now.


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            Along with Hagg Lake quite a few of the mountain lakes over by hood have some good trout still in them