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  • Salmon issues

    Hi, I have been fishing for many years without too much luck. I have fished the Eagle Creek area, the Nehalem Bay, the Wilson, and the Trask. I have hooked up once at the Nehalem unexpectedly and lost the fish due to light line. If anyone can please message me a spot that is not heavily fish and has bank access, I would greatly appreciate it. I normally do not ask for people's spots but I can promise that I will not spread this spot and will make sure to keep the place nice and clean. Please message me.


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    Cant help you with the north but if your willing to head south this might help.
    Brookings off the jetty starting in mid sept. with sliver kastmasters... watch Oregon fish reports and for brookings Larry Ellis the best report for the south
    Gold beach off Indian creek with green or red mepps spinners good to have waders also and fish with a large spin outfit with 65 lb braid and 30lb mono leader
    Elk and Sixes at tidewater before the first rains..... there is little info on these the guys around Port Orford don't share it with many
    Coos bay off the boardwalk starting in sept.
    Reedsport off the bank by salmon harbor with spinner's..... watch PeteHeley's blog


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      Fish where the fish are. And if the fish are there, and there's good bank access... it's heavily fished. That's the way it works.

      After it rains in the fall, go to the hatchery on the Trask. you'll catch fish.


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        There is always salmon caught off the bank at Winchester every year either from the South jetty with spinners or herring and a float, or from half moon bay area throwing spinners from the beach. The best time to be there is late July though August always gets better in August. Go to the Stockade market ask them there are some local spinners made that most everybody uses.

        4labs is correct watch Pete Heleys's blog at the stockade market website good luck.