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    Oregon lake fishing info site

    I am writing you get a little advice.

    I am working on a new website (I am a web site media developer by trade) that is designed to be a directory site primarily for Oregon lakes and specifically fishing focused.

    This site is not intended to be a revenue generator but rather a resource to encourage fishing in oregon's many lakes and potentially be of value to local resorts, guides, restaurants etc.

    So this is what the site will contain.

    1. Regional Directory of Lakes
    2. Drill down to an individual lake - Include a description of lake type and details such as ...shallow lake depths to 65', cold water, best fished in April and October - Basic Stuff
    3. Details on how to get there including maps
    4. Details on the accommodations from camping to hotels/motels etc
    5. Details of Fish Types, styles of fishing
    6. Video of guides giving tips and tricks, locations (too much info? don't want to give away secrets?)
    7. Local Bait/Tackle options to replenish your stocks
    8. Restrictions and Limitations
    9. Guides that may be available
    10. No Forum - Link to this forum since you have it nailed.
    11. Potential user videos and Bragging photos of course.
    12. Local boat, gear rentals if they exist
    13. Local Service centers in case you need a repair

    Any help and thoughts would be appreciated

    A simple FO is fine...or details suggestions

    I have built other directory sites for my for profit business over the years, but this has always been a pet project I wanted to do in retirement since I am an avid Koke fisherman and have always had
    the frustration of no knowing a lake, and having limited time...discouraged me from trying new lakes with little info.