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What's up with the crabs?

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    What's up with the crabs?

    I see no crabbing reports this year.
    Have the commercial crabbers cleaned them out to the point it's not worth going?
    Seems like last year there were regular glowing reports of bay crabbing.

    I haven't been out for a while and was surprised to hear several recent 'not so good' reports.

    one way to view the commercial take, their minimum size is 6.25", so they are just clearing out larger males. I'm always cool with a limit of 6 to 6.25" crabs.

    problem now is many of those males are molting, so it's time to start sorting out the real soft ones and sending them back.

    big tides this week, many years this triggers the first big push of crab into the estuaries. I'll be crabbing next week for sure.