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Once more into the breach. Or at least the bay.

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  • Once more into the breach. Or at least the bay.

    Back to Florence for a bit more crab yesterday.
    Before we limited it was looking like battleground fishing.
    You have to wonder why someone would set their traps right on top of someone's traps that were there first.
    I'm not talking about the same general area but I mean within 10 yards of soaking traps.
    I try and set my traps within about 100 Ft of each trap, I've been setting them in a line mostly at the same depth.
    I've also set them in a square pattern to learn the best depth.
    Yesterday, after an hour or so soak I returned, I like to do a little angling of nearby structure while the traps soak, to find three rude people (two men and a woman) in a Boston Whaler working their crab rings among my traps.
    I think they were trying to pull crabs from my bait scent trail.
    The worst part is I had to work around them in the wind and current to get my traps up. They wouldn't even withdraw far enough for me to do so.
    Even so, my partner and me did catch about 30 legal crabs in three drops, which allowed us to cull some of the smaller ones.

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    I ran into that a couple of years ago, we dropped two pots maybe 20 or 30 yards apart, in a wide open area by the lowest red wing dam, and we were 'putting on the herring' to troll when a little boat came along and dropped a pot right between ours. I zipped over and asked him why, turned out they were dock crabbers who had no idea the crabs moved that far and that my pots were spaced appropriately for a long soak...they weren't happy but headed back to move it, then karma stepped in and we hooked like immediately and put a nice shiny coho in the boat right in front of them...cheers, roger