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  • Pikeminnow/squawfish

    Thinking about trying to do the pikeminnow program this summer. Just a few questions about it if anyone has done it before or does it every year.
    1. Is it possible to do from the shore? I've caught these in the Willamette from the shore but never the Columbia.
    2. How does it work? I've looked on the site and still not 100% sure how exactly does it work. Do you sign up at the location once or every day you go out to fish? Can you sign up at multiple locations?
    3. Any tips on what to use or where to go? I understand, especially since it is for money, if you don't want to give your secret honey holes or obscure baits that work really well, but any advice or general areas that would be good from the shore would be much appreciated.

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    I doubt anyone makes any kind of living fishing pikeminnow off the bank, and if they do, I'd be extremely surprised to see them respond on here. Oh and here's some words copy and pasted from the website, not sure what's unclear about them? How To Register And Check In Fish

    • Anglers must register each day before they fish. Anglers may only be registered at one station at a time. (See rules and regulations for complete official rules)
    • Registration forms are available 24 hrs a day; at a registration site - from a technician during posted operation hours, or after hours from the station nightbox.
    • Registration forms from a nightbox are date-stamped for anglers wanting to fish and submit their catch the following day.
    • Fish caught while registered at a station must be returned to that station, during its hours of operation, on the date stamped on the registration form.
    • When an angler submits fish for payment, they may also register for the next calendar day. Again, all anglers must register for each day they plan to fish.

    • Anglers may only submit fish for payment at the station where they registered for that day.
    • Anglers may only submit fish for payment during that stationīs posted hours of operation.
    • Vouchers will be issued by the technician for qualifying Northern Pikeminnow 9 inches or larger.
    • Anglers who do not register at a station prior to fishing may not submit fish for rewards and will not be issued a voucher.


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      Hmm my response above was kind of here's a feel-good video about pikeminnow fishing!


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        All good I think I got lost looking at the full rules a regs and missed some things thanks for the help!


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          This post has a witches hex on it... so If you are going to continue reading it and glean the big secrets you have to absolutely swear on your mother's grave that you will actually go and catch them, and report back on OFF. Any reader failing to follow through will result in their being cursed with 7 long years of skunked angling no matter where they go, or how hard they try. Read on if you dare... I know a couple guys who have been doing this professionally for years. They work for the state fishing from the dams in areas where the public is not allowed to go. They are paid the same hourly wage regardless of how many or few they catch. Pikeminnow fishing is like any other in that everything is a big secret until you crack the catching code. Then you find out everyone out there is using minor variations of the same tackle and methods that you were told at penalty of death to never share with anyone. Haha. The standard method is to fish deep water in current close to the bottom with 2" plastic tube bates. Colors do not make much difference as long as the tackle is in the zone. During early season some are caught from shore in shallower water. As the water level drops and warms in the summer the fish move deeper and become more and more nocturnal. Fishing for them at night is legal, and that is when most of them are caught during the heat of summer. Without a boat your best shot is to fish from a bridge that has a legal walkway where you can stand over the top of deep water to fish. Guys are reeling in a few doing this using heavy braid, lots of weight, and a mono leader with the weightless tube fluttering a foot or 2 off the bottom. So there you go. Now follow through, catch Pikeminnow, make a few bucks, and report back on OFF. Otherwise, all of your angling efforts are skunked for the next 7 years. Hahahaha. Aervax.