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fishin the donkey ponds

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  • fishin the donkey ponds

    I am brand new to this site I was curious if any of you have had any luck fishin at the donkey ponds it's just right outside of dayton I have hooked one bass but didn't land him. I know there are huge largemouth in there but they never seem to bite just curious if you guys have had any luck or heard anything about that place thanks...

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    i heard of that place. do u have a map of where it is?


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      no not really but it has to ponds on each side of the road and if you go straight just a little bit it takes you to a big gravel bar on the willamete where people sturgeon fish alot there it is also by a rock quarry


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        this might help

        Bass Junkie,

        Here is a link to a map of Dayton, go ahead a click on it and you should be able to move around to find the ponds your talking about. Once you find the ponds you should be able to attach the map of this location.

        dayton oregon - Google Maps