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Fishing the Walling Pond in Salem

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  • Fishing the Walling Pond in Salem

    A member of the Fishing forum at oregonlive com with the username 18406ej suggested that I try fishing at Walling Pond in Salem as it is very popular for bass fishing, and is good for trout too. So today I visited the corner of 16th and McGilchrest with a big hope to catch a big bass.

    The pond is pretty big and looks very promising. I spotted a group of birds in the water and decided to fish in that spot. Maybe birds are hanging out over the fish? Maybe there were fish in that spot, but they were definitely not interested in my worms. Not a single bite. I tried a lure. The same result.

    I didn't catch any fish again. But I saw a big bird.

    And I got confirmation that there are fish in this pond and it's possible to catch them. Because a guy that was fishing not far away from me caught two trouts. And one of them was a really nice fish.

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    That really big bird is a Great Blue Heron...They are very patient hunters..


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      It was sitting without a movement about 20 minutes after I spotted it and hell knows how long before it.