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Freeway Lakes (near Albany)

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  • Freeway Lakes (near Albany)

    I took my 6 year old nephew out in freeway lakes yesterday, mostly to play with my new 12-foot aluminum. Going with the ol' worm and bobber approach, we didn't so much as get a nibble! In an act of desperation, I let a black rooster-tail drag behind us on the way in from the third lake. When I slowed down to go under the freeway, I noticed the tip of my pole looking kind of "suspicous". I reeled it in to find about a 2 inch bass latched on to the rooster-tail!(his mouth was barely bigger then the hook) Thinking this may not be such a bad idea after all, I tied one my nephews pole, and we took another loop around the third lake. We ended up with a bucket full of crappie, and even a decent sized bluegill! Not to mention the satisfaction of seeing my nephew smile from ear-to-ear every time he hooked one of those crappie on is ultra-light!

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    What size black rooster tail were you using? I am looking for a good place to take my 4 year old grandson.


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      What was the average size of the crappie?
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        It was a "small" rooster tail. I'm not real sure of the size:confused: As for the size of the crappie, they averaged about 8-9 inches.