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Brownlee/ Snake River report

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    Brownlee/ Snake River report

    Sorry, this is a pretty old report. I drafted it long ago, so thought why waste it.

    First stop was Yellowstone. If you have not been there, you should plan a trip. You can see all the pics, watch all the videos in YouTube, but Yellowstone will still surprise you. Donít think anyone can write well enough to properly describe Yellowstone. The place is so magical that I was almost looking out for dwarves, elves and dragons.

    Second stop, Richland. That was like going back in time. I had rented a house through VRBO, and it was very well maintained to look like a house from many years ago. Tiny sleepy little town, the likes of which I had seen only in movies so far. Absolutely loved the place. First stop in Richland was the Hitching Post store to catch-up with Thorny, got some tips about what to use and locations.

    Day two morning, ended up at Hewitt Park. My fish finder was marking a lot of fish but no luck with anything. So packed up and went for a drive to the Hells Canyon Dam. That was pretty good too, wild and beautiful. We even saw a Bruin mama with baby in tow, that was a bit of a surprise in the middle of a very hot day. In the afternoon we spent some time at Carterís landing near Oxbow Dam, that place is highly recommended by the locals. We were however restricted to fishing the most accessible spots because of the kids, and landed only about 9-10 little bass on crappie jigs and worms on a Carolina rig. Not a single crappie or other pan fish.

    Day two, mostly lazed around but in the afternoon scouted around for accessible bank spots on the Snake river, and fished for a bit. Some 15-16 crappies and a few little bass again. Lost one nice cat too. Tried fishing at Hewitt Park at night with a light on the water, just one crappie in more than an hour.

    Third day, hit the same spot on Snake River again for about 4 hours, and this was the result. Again a few little bass mixed in, and another lost cat right at the bank. That is a real good spot we found, we could fish right next to the car in a few little back eddies, beautifully shaded by some trees. When it is almost 90 without a cloud in the sky, that shade works for both men and fish. The fish might disagree though with me on this one. I also realized why America loves the Chevy Suburban. We emptied the rear, folded the seats and the kids had a huge area to play in, they played there for almost 4 hours without any complaint.

    Then, after a long drive back to Portland, we ate crappie for a week. Marinate with a little lemon juice, salt, pepper and chili flakes, and fry them up. Crispy skin on the outside, a little spicy; and tender sweet melt in the mouth meat inside Ė canít remember when I last enjoyed eating fish so much. Most of the crappie were females, the roe also tasted pretty good fried up. Shared with quite a few friends here, all of them loved the fish and the recipe.

    From what I experienced, a boat can make a huge difference there as the bank access is not so good on Brownlee. I heard tales of folks getting 250 crappie in a day, and saw a few folks with at least a couple of hundred fish at a cleaning station.
    And after Before