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How do I make some money out of my fishing gear?

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  • How do I make some money out of my fishing gear?

    What would be the best way to recoup some cost out of these? Anyone willing to make me an offer?

    Gear purchased over last 3 years, the trout rods have seen a lot of usage, the salmon/steelhead rods practically none. I hope the pics show what I am selling. Most of the stuff are hardly ever used.
    Deeper fish finder: Bought it for almost $200 but sells for about $55 now. Used a few times, works very well. If you are bank bound and need a fish finder, worth having this one

    All rods are in good condition unless specified
    Pioneer stealth fighter SF 100 2.1 m medium action 12-20 lb, with siena simano 400FD reel spooled with 50 lb braid.
    Griggs GX856MHS 8.6 feet GX graphite med heavy, line 12-25 lb, lure 3/8-1.5 oz, okuma stratus cs-35 reel with 12 lb braid
    Eagle claw 5.6 feet collapsible medium action rod. Tip broken, easily repairable.
    Field and stream inferno 5 feel ultralight rod, line 2-6 lb, lure weight 1/32 to ľ with optix 10 reel spooled with 12 lb braid
    Shakespere 7.6 feet micro series ultra light. Iíll miss this rod, very sensitive and makes a trout/blue gill feel much bigger than it actually it. Really makes fishing fun.
    Some 6.6 feet Zebco heavy rod, not too good.
    Daiwa acculite 8.6 feet, line weight 6-15 lb, lure 1/8 to Ĺ oz. Broke the tips once, now it is about 8 feet actually.
    Shakespeare 5 feet light rod 4-10 lb line
    Eagle claw 8 feet md heavy casting rod, line 10-25 lb, lure Ĺ - 3 oz
    Another Shakespeare 5 feet light rod 4-10 lb line, but with a broken guide
    2.5 feet kids Disney princess rod
    Another collapsible rod without brand name visible and tip damaged, reel with 20 lb braid, not good
    Additional reels:
    Daiwa sweepfire 2500 2B
    Siena 400FD spooled with 20 lb braid
    Zebco quantum reel with 12 lb braid

    Two castable triangular crab nets9
    Plano guide series tackle bag, bought second hand but seems practically unused except for some scratch marks at the bottom
    One net with extendable handle, entrance about 2 feet by 1 foot, not big enough for salmon but good for most carp and smaller fish
    9 tackle boxes of various sizes, not all filled up, as I tried to sort the tackle as bass stuff, misc plastics, trout and salmon stuff etc and crammed the gear into a few tackle boxes.
    One chain stringer
    4-5 rod holders for trout fishing
    1 bite alarm
    Rapala scissors
    Hook remover
    Allens Menís size 9 thigh high waders. No felt, not usable in rivers but handy for beach fishing
    Some pre-tied store, bought and hand tied both, leaders for trout, shad, salmon, steelhead, surf perch
    Assorted boxes of partially used gulp power eggs, minnows, crappie nibbles etc
    One large tackle buddy leader holder
    One crab measure
    1 unopened pack of 1/32 anglers world of jigs assorted round head jigs
    Mostly unused braided lines and flouro leaders of different sizes
    Lures and spinners and plastics
    Letís the pics speak for themselves for most
    6 new 5inch yamasenko worms
    About 50 lizards and things of different colors
    About 20 size 1 split rings
    7 10-12 count boxes of cheap Chinese flies unused, probably will not match any hatch anywhere in the world. NOT The ones in the pics, these are from sportsmans mostly, unused.
    One Alabama rig for bass

    Half used box of carp boilies
    300-400 little rubber bobber stops
    Some magic thread for egg sacks
    10 size 4-5 spinners used a couple of times at max
    14 smaller spinners, mostly 1 and 2, well used
    4 cast masters without a scratch
    7 unused steelhead jigs
    10-15 baits for bass, mostly cheap ones but they worked for me, crankbaits, swim baits, top waters etc
    6-7 unused spinner baits
    Lots of small panfish/shad jigs and little plastics
    3-4 rod ties
    loads of snaps and swivels, corkies, beads, bobbers
    All sorts of weights, split shot, bullet sinker, egg sinker, drop shot sinker, hollow lead, about a couple of pounds or more
    Cold weather waterproof face mask, unused

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    You bought all of that, in just 3 years? Oh yeah. Come to think of it; I have the same affliction! I lost count, of just my rods & reels, many years ago. It was pointless--as I discovered, to try and create an inventory spreadsheet! And WAY more tackle, on top of that. I feel like, I need to come clean. So...

    " name's Jay...and I'm a fishaholic"!

    BTW...advertising on here, or on Cragslist, is the best advice that I have.


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      Thanks Jay. Sometimes I think I spent more time in Sportsman's than actually fishing, half of the things never actually got wet.


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        Wow. That's a lot of tackle.


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          craigslist or advertise a "fishing yard sale" and i'll bet a lot would get snatched up. I'd hit you up if you were closer


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            3 years, you've been busy CL, OFF or yard sale are my recommendations. I'm having to suppress the urge to come buy something