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Hagg Lake spider block project

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  • Hagg Lake spider block project

    On Saturday, February 17th, Oregon Bass and Panfish Club, MHCC Fisheries Club, and friends of warm water fishing, will meet at Henry Hagg Lake, Boat Ramp A to complete Phase 1 of this year's Spider Block Project. Volunteers will construct 100 spider block fish habitats to be placed in the no-wake area of the lake the following weekend

    Spider blocks are made of plastic tubing and concrete blocks. Hagg Lake has little natural habitat and these structures will provide juvenile fish a safer place in which to mature.

    MHCC Club Members will be car pooling from the Fisheries Building parking lot at 7:30 AM.

    Start time is 9AM, rain or shine. Bring rain gear and food.

    Extra credit will be given in Building and Equipment Maintenance and Repair (FI-221-01) for participation.

    Hagg Lake -

    OBPC -

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    That sounds cool. Will these spots be marked somehow? Have seen similar projects with artificial reefs that were added to Navionics data so they show up on the app as community edits.


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      Have no idea. Call the Mt. Hood CC Fisheries Club. They can tell you.


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        thanks, Ill try to find out.


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          Sorry if that sounded "short". I was simply in, a hurry. If the Mt. Hood gang, doesn't know. You could maybe try Washington County Parks and Rec. Or maybe contact the Hagg Lake folks, if you're on Facebook.