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Central Zone high lakes accessibility?

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  • Central Zone high lakes accessibility?

    Does anyone know if some of the high lakes in the central zone, like the century drive lakes are accessible yet?

    Someone I talked to yesterday that you can get to Davis Lake now, I might cruise up there and do some recon with the float tube tomorrow.

    Wickiup opens on the 22nd of this month, does anyone know if that will be accessible?

    I need to get on some new water, May 22nd couldn't come quick enough!

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    You can most likely get to the Cultus turn off but I doubt get in there, the Crescent Cutoff was plowed so Davis maybe if they plowed down to the ramps. Wickiup is a go!


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      Went to Lava Lake last year, in late June, and it had snowed the day before.'s still mighty early. But if you can get to a lake in there, good luck!


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        Awesome, thanks guys!


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          wickiup & crane main ramps/marina are open as of yesterday out of sunriver via #42 and from wickiup junction via #43 to #42. Cascade Lakes Hwy is then open south to davis @ #42 junction. forecast is cold with snow & rain. Those 2 roads have been clear for awhile now. the gates have been closed, though.